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You Can Help Make a Change! (via Mentors International blog)

It is so interesting to think about the change that is possible form just one person. I read this blog and it just shocked me. The number of people that live on $1.25 a day is huge because if you think about it that includes all expenses. At first I was like, “Yeah, I sometimes I don’t even spend a dollar a day so I could fall in to that.” But break it down, think about your monthly bills. Utilities for my apartment are more than a dollar a day, my rent, my cell phone bill, the gas in my car all those forgotten expenses. To think there are people who live in locations that are less than a dollar a day breaks my heart. Poverty is something that truly scares me. I admire this non-profit for working towards ending poverty through their mission.

You Can Help Make a Change! DID YOU KNOW? At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. 1.4 billion live on less than $1.25 a day. (This information comes from the World Bank.) If you want to end poverty in the developing world, the best thing you can do is to invest time, energy, and funding to the hardworking, responsible poor. YOU can be a part of the change… Get Involved!! What are some ways YOU are getting involved? … Read More

via Mentors International blog

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One of my favorite quotes is:”What you think about when you don’t think, shows who you really are.” by David O. McKay. I think that this is a great form of evaluating oneself. It is a great way to determine who we are because in those moments we are just being. I am not sure if that makes any sense. But I think our true self isn’t planning, isn’t impressing, isn’t lying, but  it just is. I am not sure what this all means though. I think it means I am a dreamer, a believer, an organizer, a freer, a creator…I could go on and on. Who are you?

How do we determine who we really are?

Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater. — Mary Manin Morrissey


Thanks for the model/actors

Stepping into the sand, it feels as soft as powder sugar. I closes my eyes to imagine the sound of waves because the rush of cars won’t do. I tell Geoff to picture the beach some where. We scoot our feet through the super smooth grains of sand as the model/actors stroll into the volleyball court. They are just boys I tell myself. Why would Weston hire actors to play volleyball with us? Is this his way to show his love and appreciation for Jen? I mean for old Jen, this would have been the best gift ever. Jen has changed though and Weston knows this, right? Looking at these boys are too good looking to be Weston and Geoff’s friends. They look like athletes, I think as the take their shirts off showing off their six packs, in the scorching sun, they must be professional volleyball players. I gladly take my seat in the shade as Jen, Weston, and Geoff took opposite side of them. That is when I found my theory about professional athletes was way wrong. When the score favored my friends as the models were melting. I decided that even my pathetic volleyball skills could help out in even this situation. I jumped into the court and actually helped their score. Perhaps, this is all really for me. I feel like I am actually an awesome volleyball player, I am making small talk with gorgeous sweaty men and I am in the most heavenly sand. If it isn’t for me then at least I’ll say it is here because no one can stop me. Thanks for the model/actors, Weston dear.

Civic Engagment on the Brain

“The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens” -Alexis de Tocqueville

Tocqueville you know best when it comes to civic engagement. You saw the barn risings. You felt the spirit of camaraderie and enjoyed America.

I felt it. This weekend was jam packed with engagement. It couldn’t have been anymore unless of course if it were election weekend. I saw others participating in service and civic duties like it was their job.

Perhaps the Wii has made it easier to attach a controller to our wrists, but slap on some bowling shoes and get out there. I mean if we leave it up to Puttman we’ll all be bowling alone and some one needs to participate in some kind of engagement around these parts.

Kaki Pants

I am not sure how you feel about kaki pants but I feel like kakis take my awkward up three notches. I am already pretty high up that awkward latter I don’t need some ill- fitted- wanna- be tan pants to climb three more rungs. I don’t know why but kaki pants and business pants are all I need to bring out the stringy haired 13 old who didn’t know haw to respond to a normal conversation or the knowledge on how to act in social situations. I know from my blog post it probably appears that I still am 13. But in reality I am far from my 13. My job likes me in business causal but if they only knew how much better I am in a pair of jeans.
But I guess Kakis work for some.

Boyfriends by Christmas

It is a real pact. I’ve made it before. The pact. I haven’t even hit the goal. I’ll leave the people I made the pact with because we aren’t all 13 at heart like I am.  I giggle over this one.

Hunger Games Hang Over

I woke up with a headache and I was like what just happened over the past five days, because I don’t know? It just rocked my world. The symbiotic imagery used in that book alone is enough for me to shack my head, twitch my bushy eyebrows, and dive in for more violence.

Let’s start with the title…. “Hunger Games” first thought coming of age sci-fi trilogy, how can I not think of “Enders Game” (caution spoiler alert ) a story of game that turns out to be real life. Please Collins what you are saying in the title alone. Oh wait first chapter a ridiculous traditions, leaving death in the hands of a drawing. The Lottery any ninth grade teacher worth his/her weight in salt made her class read that one. And so much more…

I turn page after page of all three books. I can’t stop and I won’t. Anyways I woke up with the need for some heavy sunglasses and people to talk softly because my mind is still racing around the Arena.

A boy asked me. “What? Like of us putting up the Christmas lights?” I clarify. Laughing, “Not likely.” If I have a personal blog it will be random rants. I am not waiting until marriage either my blog starts now. If a man happens to enter into the words….
well we’ll cross that blog when we get there.

“Are you going to have a blog when your married?”

I shiny dime catches my eye in the grass…

My over loaded backpack has seven different chap-sticks/lip glosses in it. But that is probably the lightest of my worries. Really my worries are really heavy in this moment. What is to come? I have my last years binder filled with immaculate notes on anything from the myth of St. Petersberg to a personal note reminding me to call the Forrest Service and set up an interview about the Old Spanish Trail. The 5 gallon water jug slips a little but I a just and balance it better in my hands. I have that new library book in my bag too. I forgot I have yet to crack it. Who would think that meeting someone could lead me to me straight to check out a book about reading people and body language. I have always wanted to be able to read people like that. That guy new things just by looking at me. I wonder if I would really could? And if I would really want to? Can you turn that off? I think of the scene on Borne Identity in the Restaurant. If you aren’t sure which one that is, it is time to watch it again. It is my favorite scene. Should I pick up the dime? This the fourth time I have walked passed it but only the second time I looked at it.