I shiny dime catches my eye in the grass…

My over loaded backpack has seven different chap-sticks/lip glosses in it. But that is probably the lightest of my worries. Really my worries are really heavy in this moment. What is to come? I have my last years binder filled with immaculate notes on anything from the myth of St. Petersberg to a personal note reminding me to call the Forrest Service and set up an interview about the Old Spanish Trail. The 5 gallon water jug slips a little but I a just and balance it better in my hands. I have that new library book in my bag too. I forgot I have yet to crack it. Who would think that meeting someone could lead me to me straight to check out a book about reading people and body language. I have always wanted to be able to read people like that. That guy new things just by looking at me. I wonder if I would really could? And if I would really want to? Can you turn that off? I think of the scene on Borne Identity in the Restaurant. If you aren’t sure which one that is, it is time to watch it again. It is my favorite scene. Should I pick up the dime? This the fourth time I have walked passed it but only the second time I looked at it.


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