Thanks for the model/actors

Stepping into the sand, it feels as soft as powder sugar. I closes my eyes to imagine the sound of waves because the rush of cars won’t do. I tell Geoff to picture the beach some where. We scoot our feet through the super smooth grains of sand as the model/actors stroll into the volleyball court. They are just boys I tell myself. Why would Weston hire actors to play volleyball with us? Is this his way to show his love and appreciation for Jen? I mean for old Jen, this would have been the best gift ever. Jen has changed though and Weston knows this, right? Looking at these boys are too good looking to be Weston and Geoff’s friends. They look like athletes, I think as the take their shirts off showing off their six packs, in the scorching sun, they must be professional volleyball players. I gladly take my seat in the shade as Jen, Weston, and Geoff took opposite side of them. That is when I found my theory about professional athletes was way wrong. When the score favored my friends as the models were melting. I decided that even my pathetic volleyball skills could help out in even this situation. I jumped into the court and actually helped their score. Perhaps, this is all really for me. I feel like I am actually an awesome volleyball player, I am making small talk with gorgeous sweaty men and I am in the most heavenly sand. If it isn’t for me then at least I’ll say it is here because no one can stop me. Thanks for the model/actors, Weston dear.


One thought on “Thanks for the model/actors

  1. […] week the Self Express Buss was in Salt Lake City. I was playing volleyball in powder sugary sand. I never thought we’d met. But life throws you into the pathways of others for random […]

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