The way a conversation starts is a good indicator of how it will end.

The way a conversation starts is a good indicator of how it will end. Does that mean the way a day starts  is a good indicator of how it will end? I started today with a text message waking me up after three alarms failed. I also started today with shredded wheat and milk split across my passenger seat as I left for work.  Getting cut off twice put me in a mood.

Just a side not about blogs, I ran into one of my study group guys, Beau. I asked about his blog and well, Tree and I are probably the only ones that are really blogging. I told him to get working on it. He reminded me to get working on my international travel plans. Everyone in the study group was going  out side of the USA this summer, (Russia, Ukraine, London, Africa) everyone but me that is.  I guess, I’ll leave the world to someone else for the summer.

My dad told me not to run away for run away sake, but rather go if it was what was right for me. You see, my gypsy soul has been itching to leave town for two years now. I have tamed it with self-restraint and lack of cash flow only. The self restraint is because I told myself no traveling until I graduate.

I smell freedom on the horizon.  Somehow, I doubt that it is as soon as I’d like. It might be more like my dad thinks. Some how he knows how to tame my wild  dreams into some sort of logic, if only for a moment. And somehow our chat turned into a conversation about dating. They always do. (Most conversations not just with my dad.) He thinks I should write more about dating in this here blog. Like I am some expert that could help others in their dating life.  I laugh at that idea. But I do have my ideas. My crazy, crazy theories on life. Well, that is why your here anyways right?

You’d think the day ended badly with the way it started. It is ending with a great summer rain,the perfect sound track, and a nice blog time.


2 thoughts on “The way a conversation starts is a good indicator of how it will end.

  1. Tree Gore says:

    I know what you mean about smelling freedom on the horizon. I’ve been in school way too long, but partly because I can’t stay in one place for long enough. Don’t let your wild dreams turn to logic so much that they seem impossible.

    Btw, your gypsy soul might relate to the song “Heel to Toe” by Sammy Witness. You can find a video of it on youtube.

  2. […] I remember the day in the courtyard, we were homeless and there were little treats to entice people to walk up to the booth. They got me. But it didn’t take much for me to walk up to the study abroad booth. We heard about Africa and I said, “You’ve gotta go.” I am so glad she is on her way. […]

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