Shopping for one.

I am not use to it. I went shopping today and I am just not use to shopping for one. See “She is out the door but she hasn’t left yet” (Parachute, White dress.) my little sister has moved out but  not really. She up and went to Africa for the month. But our contract is up before she comes home. She moved out most of her stuff but left just enough to somehow allow me to think she’ll be back in a few hours.

So I bought two gallons of milk. Will I be able to drink it all? I got a case of mangos. I already mixed up an awesome mango smoothly.

I remember the day in the courtyard, we were homeless and there were little treats to entice people to walk up to the booth. They got me. But it didn’t take much for me to walk up to the study abroad booth. We heard about Africa and I said, “You’ve gotta go.” I am so glad she is on her way.

“I would have let you leave.” (live because of the mood I am in this fine evening alone. It is just like the time we saw him and Allen Stone on your birthday.)


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