You and me against the world.

“You get the car,  I’ll get the cash, we’ll take the money and run.” When the world comes running, do you know who would be you sidekick? I am not sure, during life’s phases, I have auditioned some people. BUT I think this is a crucial thing to plan out. In the action films there is most likely a meet cute where the main couple meet cutely, then later become the biggest asset to surviving. I think that in those last crucial 10 seconds before the bomb explodes or whatever the end scene is, you have to have the right person.  In those 30 seconds post bomb we find out we do have the right person.

We can learn from children/ preteen action movies that this person doesn’t need to be a romantic interest. It could be our best friend and our best friend’s other best friend who we are jealous of, a sibling who for some reason just doesn’t understand our perspective, a grandparent that we just don’t understand due to the generation gap, or it could be our best guy/girl friend that we have only seem in a platonic way until the bomb is about go off and then well everything changes. That brings back to the romantic interests though.

"The fog sits like blankets" by TeAnna Rasmussen

If you had one minute to save the world who would help you?  If you had to hit the road and hide out for a while who would be in passenger seat? This is serious. It couldn’t be just anyone. It might be the person that you start your new life over with. For me it has to be someone with spy skills like Jason Borne, detective skills like Veronica Mars, adaptability like Sam Flynn, humor of Jim Halpert….wait humor doesn’t really need to be there for this. I am going to have to work on this list a bit more. What skills do you have to offer?

“If it were you and me against the world”  how would we do? Just curious.


2 thoughts on “You and me against the world.

  1. toricarlton says:

    I agree with everything you said! I would love to have someone who had Veronica Mars detective skills, heck I would love to have those!

    I think me and you against the world….we would kick some a$$….just saying! Mainly, because we both rock!!!!

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