Bowling blind date tonight!

Bowling blind date tonight. I am not sure what to expect. I love to bowl though. I am not good at it. I still love it though. I took a bowling class in college once. The teacher listed the class in rank, worst to best. Everyday I walked in right there front and center was my name. It never was a surprise. I improved but I doubt my date tonight will know that.
One time I was on a big group date and we told some of the guys that I was a professional bowler or perhaps it was that I was just really amazing at bowling. They believed it, why wouldn’t they. Anyways, we had them so convinced that I was awesome at bowling, that they wanted me to bowl with my right hand not my left hand. (I am so right handed but they thought I was left handed.) We told them that I would do them a favor by not using my left hand. They were so impressed with my bowling skills. The hardest part of the trick was keep up with the left handed hoax, all night I had to eat drink and write left handed while I bowled right handed. It was worth it though, us girls laughed so hard.
I guess I could try that one again. Nah, I’ll play it for real. I’d rather use the up, down, back, swing method anyways. At least I won’t be bowling alone.


One thought on “Bowling blind date tonight!

  1. toricarlton says:

    Teanna, This just made my day! You have the best stories eva!! Can’t wait to read about your blind date…OR hear it!

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