"Turkey" photo and culinary skills by Kirk Rasmussen

A new life goal: I will get a “turkey” in bowling. Three strikes in a row can be that hard can it be?(Maybe impossible for a girl like me. But here’s to: hope for the hopeless.) This will have to be in real life bowling. I will have to practice more, that is for sure. I tried to do it last night and failed but decided it would be some thing to keep me going.

The date went really well for a first/blind date. My bowling skills were not atrocious. I was not last place which might have been a first. It seems I do better if nobody is watching. So maybe I should go bowling alone.

I forgot my house keys though, so when we got back I was locked out. This something that has happened before.  The four of us stood around my door, just wondering what to do, awkwardly. It was suppose to be the doorstep scene but was more confusing.  The guys wanted to help but weren’t able to. Luckily, I got a hold of my locked-out-Angel and she let us in.  It took several phone calls and knocking extremely loud on the door.

The night ended with two stroppy hugs and expressed gratitude for the night. Us, girls topped the night off with a mango shake and girl talk.


2 thoughts on “Turkey

  1. Amanda @ Heart Tree Home says:

    If you go bowling enough, it’s bound to happen… I have an awful average and I have bowled a turkey before!

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