Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian independence day as told by Fernando :

There were men in the forest on horses. One was the King of Portugal. He shouted, “Independence or Death”.  Then he was the King of Brazil.

I am not sure this is 100% accurate, okay I know it is not. But it was a lovely story anyways.  It made me think about how I would tell the story of Independence here in the USA. How do I look back on my history? Do I make it out to be greater than it really was or worse?

I heard a story about Good Ol’ Abe, today. It was about how he appreciated the story told  about the Battle of Trenton and how this was one of his favorite stories about the Revolutionary War. (It was one of my favorite stories too. I remember  writing a paper about it in Middle School.) But there was controversy about the battle being built up to more than it really was. How could Abe turn out to be such a good of a guy if he himself was lead to believe the battle was better than it really was? He was able to be a great guy and a kick butt pres. Because he believed in things being able to be better than they might have really been.  He was able to build on legends and live on the shoulders of giants. He was a leading example of engaging in civic duties.

I guess that what I am saying is I would rather build it up, allowing it to build me up.


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