Be Kind.

Just thinking about others today, and how we never understand their perspective. We need to always be kind because we never know what they are going through entirely. It makes me think of a time I took a picture of my sisters elbow. We were on the drive to California and it was long. (Always worth it but long.) We were crammed in the back seat. This picture ended up looking like a butt. I laughed and well  so did everyone else but my sister. Just looking at the picture you see a butt but if you saw the bigger picture you’d see the elbow.

Life is like this picture.  We don’t know where  others are in their lives.  Are they looking at the butt or the elbow? There are so many levels in and life is so complicated that the best way to live it simply being kind to everyone we never know where they are. Rarely have I ever known when my comments have sent someone over the top. But I can think of times wen simple comments were enough to let my world come crashing down. I know I have been on the both ends of this spectrum. I have caused enough pain in others lives due to my carelessness.  We all are fighting a great battle and it doesn’t need to be against each other.  Just be kind.


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