Go Forward


There is not much more to do than read something like that and be inspired. If we all had smiles on our faces we’d have to have to include the twinkle in our eyes.  If we all really hold a great purpose in our hearts, then we will go forward in life.  I sure love the way Mr. Gordon B.  puts it. His words inspire me to keep on keeping on. I adore President Hinckely and forever will.  Now how can I capture a great purpose that leads me forward in life?  They are everywhere just reach out and grab one, T.


One thought on “Go Forward

  1. […]   One of my favorite things is all printed languages of the Book of Mormon. I know this picture is low quality but this is so impressive to me, the amounts of languages this book is printed in. Knowledge is power. The amount of translation that goes on in order for each to know for himself (or herself) about this book. Impressive. A Painting of President Hinckely. […]

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