What would be an interesting  musical combination? Chinese street markets meets Americana indie. But some how it is perfect. Perhaps it is because I love indie music, perhaps it is I spent some time in China, or perhaps they just mix the two perfectly to create a sound that is unique them.

Matteo is the sum of four musicians’ many years meandering through Chinese street markets and mountains. A hearty collection of Chinese traditional instruments were carried or shipped back across the pacific, including the centerpiece of Matteo’s live performances: a 6 foot Chinese zither harp. The instruments have an incredibly unique and rich tone and timbre, but often traditional Chinese music is inaccessible to western audiences. Matteo keeps their roots in american indie-folk, while allowing the influence of the distinct instruments to saturate into the music. The result is a strangely beautiful acoustic blend that navigates over gimmick into a refreshing and genuine sound.”

Just wait until it gets really into this video, trust me folks.

Find them on Facebook and get a free download. I love stumbling across a  good band on Facebook.


One thought on “MATTEO

  1. […] cool and I learned more about one of the countries I love. The best surprise is that the band Matteo ( blogged about Matteo before, get a free song)  was there to preform. So I […]

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