Gaming Addiction and Reality

This is a great blog. An addiction that most don’t even consider a possibility. I love how this was written, with knowledge and research on the subject. Thank you.

Eat, Drink, Sleep....Media!!

Just yesterday I found myself in the school library. I was working on some writing assignments for my classes. The computer lab was full. A  message from the administrator popped up on my screen : Please log off if you are not using the computer for school work. I looked around the room. I wondered if everyone got that message. Did they know what I was looking at online? A boy sitting at the table next to me was probably not doing school work. He was on his personal laptop, hood on. The game he was playing for longer than I was in the library ….the awful, the most addictive game in the universe… you guessed it WOW or “World of Warcraft”.

I’ve heard stories about babies in Japan dying because of this game. A few years ago I found myself in the sauna at a large gym. I was alone in a…

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