Personal E-mail

I miss good old fashioned emails. I know that is not true. I truly miss long form letters that ramble on for pages but since I rarely receive those and since there was a time in which I received emails constantly, I’ll pick to miss those.
There was nothing like the days when you opened your inbox to see emails, personalized emails. I am not talking about the loads of spam, I am not talking about the accounts you set up, I am not talking about work emails. I am talking about personal ramblings on day to day on goings. The type that were purely to stay in touch. I am talking about the type that said things like, “I have to go or else I’ll burn my fries.” or ” I feel a lot better you took an extra deodorant”. Little details of peoples lives are lost with the loss of personal emails.

Come back… emails..come back.

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4 thoughts on “Personal E-mail

  1. F says:

    You’re not alone……

  2. vimax says:

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