Just Friends?

Recently, I saw an YouTube video on men and women being just friends. It was made my a local university. I wonder if there was a selection process on who they picked to interview, I think there had to be. I wonder if  there was editing?  Either way, I think it is really cleaver and important for us to go over today.

Can men and women be just friends? Ask yourself this. Media has been using this theme to create humorous films with similar plot lines.

With films like:

  • Just Friends
  •   Friends with Benefits
  •  No Strings Attached

friendship/relationship line is questioned.

Friendship with the opposite sex is portrayed to be impossible, especially with an ounce of attraction.

Personal experience tells me differently yet, I once had a guy friend, that told me that it was impossible for guys to be friends with a girl that he was not interested in. I questioned the validity of this to be 100% accurate and he stated that if he is not interested in her, he is interested in one of her friends.

If life were a movie this would have been when he would have confessed his love for me, I would have told him that it was too late and he was already in the friend zone.  Yet, somehow he’d prove his love and just when it was almost too late,  I would realize that I loved him all along.

Life is not a movie.

In real life, I was shocked.  This seems to be a concept that is harder for the female mind to wrap their mind around.

To this day I believe that it is possible for females and males to be friend with out anything more.

Just watch this clip though and tell me what you think because it seems to prove me wrong.

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One thought on “Just Friends?

  1. toricarlton says:

    I agree. I think they can be friends, but it sometimes can lead to those feelings of someone liking each other. I have guy friends that we don’t like each other like that. So I agree we can just be friends.

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