Hugo: Scorsese’s 3D Love Letter To Cinema

The Password is Swordfish

Hugo will still be in 3D theaters for another couple of days. If you love Martin Scorsese, or cinema on the whole, or feeling things, you owe it to yourself to go see Hugo. It’s a coming-of-age story, it’s a love letter from Martin Scorsese to the history of cinema, and perhaps most strikingly of all, it’s by far and away the best use of 3D in a live-action motion picture to date. Anyone who ever foolishly bought a ticket to a 3D film that didn’t utilize the technology properly should be required by law to see Hugo. Filmmakers in general should be required to see Hugo. At a time when sequels, superheroes, and lowest common denominator cinema makes the most at the box office, it’s a lesson in the importance of telling personal stories– it’s Scorsese’s most personal movie to date.

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One thought on “Hugo: Scorsese’s 3D Love Letter To Cinema

  1. toricarlton says:

    I really want to see Hugo! Although, I will wait until it is at Redbox.

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