Word Clouds

Citizen Knope

Last time on the television show Parks and Rec. I nearly cried. It was the Christmas episode where Leslie Knope gets presents for her crew. She bought presents that fit the personalities of her friends so well, that they worked together to come up with the best present for her. They used a web cloud compiled of the words found in her emails in order figure out what she would want the most for Christmas.  I loved it so much! I watched it twice nad slowed it down during that part in able to read it. Oh, it cracked me up. I loved how it had jeggins, candy, whip cream, Ann Perkins, and Taylor Swift. Loved it!

I decided to make  word clouds of my own. I found a site that allows you to make them. I played around and decided to post four that I made.  I used the twitter tool and made it out of mine and my roommates tweets. I think it is funniest that all of ours turned out having Taylor Swift in it too.  Look closely, laugh a little.

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