An epic fail so far, is how I would describe my goal. I blog about how I will work on my abs  (Ryan Gosling like abs) and can’t even blog again because my guilt is to much. I was doing so well before I came back to my apartment. At my parent’s home I was well on my way. Why is my location stopping me?  What can I do to re-motivate myself?  I think I have to re-start.

One thing that helps me when it comes to exercise, is marking of that I have done it for the day.

I hate check lists. In fact here is how I do check list:

  1.  Write down what I need to do
  2. Loose my list
  3. Find my list when all tasks are long completed

But with exercise it seems that checking it off my list is a great way to do it.

I will set a time when I do my exercises, get into a routine.

I will set up reminders that are more than my blog that makes me feel guilty.

I succeed, because I have failed.

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