“Table for one, please.”

I am not afraid to be alone. In fact I enjoy doing things alone frequently. Should we list some of the things I have done alone.

  • Movies
  • Road trips
  • Theme parks
  • Snow storms
  • Shopping
  • Flights
  • etc. (I’ll stop bragging about how awesomely lonely I am.)

There is one thing that I haven’t done alone before.  It has always been my goal. And it is so simple and silly that I had never done it. I could have checked this off my bucket list years ago.

I did it this week.  I ate at a sit down restaurant alone. (You know I have done the fast food/take out thing alone for years, but sit down now that is quality well deserved selfishness.)”Table for one, please.”  Could be the best selfish words that you can utter. Eating alone is purely for you. Normally you are there for more than the feeding of your belly. Eating alone is just that. No waiting for someone else to pick what they want to eat. No, the server isn’t waiting for conversation to die down. It is about you. When you close your menu it is time to order, when you set your fork down it is time to go. (After paying, of course.)

I felt like a lonely princess.

It was breakfast and I was surrounded by other folks dining alone.  I ordered eggs with ham and hash browns. I got two delicious bran muffins. And best of all a cup of hot chocolate! (And when I say a cup, I mean two because I was a crazy lonely princess; who enjoyed my solo meal out a little too much!)

My challenge for you folks, my blog readers (whoever you are),  is to dine alone. If you truly love yourself show if take yourself out and try it.

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