I make bad choices. I just ate chocolate cake for breakfast. I make good choices too.  I listen to Andrew Belle.

I last night I was at a basket ball game. I got there late and sat by my friends. We stood with the rowdy crowd. You know the type. (Bodies painted, decked out in team paraphernalia, shouting ridiculously.) I was so excited. It was so fun to be a part of something that was cheering for success.

Things changed quickly. I was nearest to the crowd.The crowd started shout at the opposing team, things I didn’t like. The man I stood next was the crudest person ever. Yuck. Then the man behind me set his nachos on my seat, on top of my coat. I was afraid I was going to sit in them.  As the night and my anger progressed I started thinking I would just sit in them. (More awkward things happened.)

I was there to support my sister, who was producing the broadcast. Every time a slow motion replay came on the big screens, I clapped and cheered for her. In the crowd we were able to shout at any time we wanted.

I was so happy for her but I couldn’t help thinking of a little saying.

As the man next to me, asked me to read the school song from his pant and bragged about how he almost got arrested for dropping the f-bomb, I just thought I am not a tree.

I am sure that this was meant to be more deep of a meaning, talking more about life rather than moments, but in that moment I was inspired.

I left. We can change. I can throw the chocolate cake out after two bites and I can make oatmeal. And well Andrew Belle, that is a always a good choice.

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