Host Saturday Night Live.

Host Saturday Night Live

Marriage in the temple

Find and woo an incredible RM

Vacation in Tahiti

Hike more

Surfing in Hawaii

Week long backpacking trip

Go to Oregon/ Washington and see the coast

Build dream home or remodel my dream apartment

Have 4-wheelers that I use in near by mountains

Fall in love again and again

Do stand-up comedy

Ride a gondola inVenice

Bowl a strike and get a turkey

Join a bowling league

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go paragliding

Go tandem sky diving

Get a sky diving license

Go on a helicopter ride

Fly in an open-cockpit airplane (like the planes built during WWII).

Go hiking in the rain forest in Brazil after backpacking South America

Participate in The Rickshaw Run

India by train

Go On a Cross-country road trip

Go Rock Climbing on that same rock feature in the Citi Bank commercial

Eat at the Korean taco stand

Visit Irelandand the cliffs from Leap Year

White water rafting down the river in that scary Kevin Bacon movie

Go kayaking

Sailing on the ocean

Helicopter ride


Become successful

Live comfortably

Travel always

Visit all the national parks in the United States

Do something crazy on New Year’s eve in Amsterdam

Successfully learn to meditate

Become an “early riser”

Live within my means: never go into debt

Swim with dolphins

Write a book

Spent my 30 birthday in a yurt in Mongolia

Add more to this list….

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2 thoughts on “Host Saturday Night Live.

  1. Re: visiting the Oregon/Washington coast – do it in the summer and bring a raincoat and an umbrella. But the forests and the Pacific are both breathtaking.

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