Tie a Tie.

How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie

Tristan once taught me when I asked in a worship service I attended. The meeting was running a little long and it was over crowded. I simply asked how do you tie a tie. Of course this was pre-Pinterest. (Where I currently see random things I hope to one day do.)  He took off his tie and explained. I remember I tied it once and I was like: check. Done. He was like do it again so you remember. I did but I didn’t remember. One time at work, I told a girl I liked her scarf and how she tied it. She said she had just tied it like a tie. Perfect, if you remember, I had forgotten how to tie a tie.  I stumbled on this tonight on Pinterest and pulled out a tie. (Yep, had like 6 of them in our gift closet.) And I re-taught myself. Perhaps, I’ll wear them with my kaki pants.

It is just good to know.

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