I am just a girl that needs to dance.

I got my purse stolen today.

My future is hanging on a timeline that revolves around three dentist appointments.

I got my purse back.

I saw the guy who stole it.

Everyone keeps quitting and turning in their two weeks to me.

Someone put an air freshener in my office.

Do I stink?

I got a pedometer today at 2:30.

I walked 2.47 miles after I got it.

I ate lunch with one of my best friends.

I just learned how to say February, that’s weird.

He wore sunglasses and wanted to talk to me.

I didn’t want to talk to him.

Why isn’t Josh Lucas in more movies?

One of my favorite things is finding a movie made during my mission that I never even heard of and I watch it like it is brand new.

I am going to Hawaii.


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