9 Years Ago; The Prequel to 8 Years Ago.

Water aerobics, race to biology, off bowling, radio class, lunch, don’t fall asleep in math 1050 because history is next, or something like that.

I just remember nearly drowning in that class, water aerobics of course. We walked circles around the pool and then picked up our foam weights.  I remember Steph was talking about something she was excited about, as we stepped into the pool. I remember when she was mentioned the idea and I thought it was insane. But Steph had that glimmer in her eyes. She had that smile on her face, the smile she only uses as she is making plans. I couldn’t believe what she was suggesting.

“Let’s go to China.” Like people just go to China, I thought. This is crazy talk. I remember the exact place in the pool where we were when she brought up it. (South side mid pool, wait more mid-east, FYI) I decided that I would agree to go and then come up with a reason not to go down the road. I told her that I would attend the info session and go to the interviews. But I told myself I didn’t need to do anything else.

Interview time came and Steph went into talk to them first. I sat in the waiting room. There on the end table was a photo book and I started strumming through it. That was it.  I was going to China.


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