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Unexpected Friendship

Unexpected Friendship- Is that a good title for this blog? I am not sure because I did expect this friendship. I knew instantaneously, we would be friends, yet, I did not know how good of friends we would be.
(Oh well, that shall be the title.)
This story starts a hot day in Brazil. (It rarely isn’t a hot day in Brazil, so good luck narrowing down the day by that clue.) It was an afternoon where in a break was taken by two Portuguese talking Americans girls in mid-calf length skirts who wore odd mini-backpacks. There was a thrift shop and street that lead to Ester’s house. Try as the gringas could they always stood out, the thick accent on the one and the super blonde hair on the other made it impossible for anyone to not notice the American girls. Many wondered why they were here and some asked.
Of that some Fernando’s Aunt was one, who did ask. She knew her fourteen year old nephew would be even more intrigued by these foreigners.
You see I was one of these foreigners, I was the one with the thick accent and the really long pony tail that went down her back resting atop my weird little backpack. It was the end of the twenty-fourth year of my wonderful life and I craved to share something I love so dearly with the world. I had been sharing the message of the restored gospel for sixty-eighth weeks in a several cities in Brazil all of which were located in the State of Sao Paulo in the north western country side. I was nearing the end of my mission and delaying the thoughts of returning home. Although my family was always a great sore aching pain in my heart, I covered that with the aching love I had to share the gospel with all that I met.
Fernando’s Aunt told us about him. I thought it odd as we explained what we were doing that here in Brazil, she thought of him. I couldn’t see why she herself didn’t want to meet with us. But as she spoke of Fernando, I thought there probably would come success from her reference, at least a visit with a young man fascinated with countries. We didn’t make a plan to meet with him. We just rushed off to Ester’s house.
As everything happened, I felt a connection to Fernando and his family that seemed as if I had always known them.
I am not sure if that has happened to you ever, but it has surely happened to me. This wasn’t the first time in Brazil, but it was the strongest. I immediately felt the role of Fer’s older sister was one that I was meant to play. I am not sure how to explain it but here is an example; I remember a few weeks into meeting Fernando I was sitting at in a seat at my place of worship, next to a person who was studying our form of worship, when a member of the congregation suggested I sit next to Fernando who was also there. I grudgingly yet with love, like an older sister would, moved next to him. Thinking, he can sit where he is he choose the spot he is in, it was just different with him.
For tonight that is all this story will be, but trust me there is more. And it goes one to reveal an unexpected-expected friendship. Come back to find out more, but think about those connections in your life. Just do.