BTW: Broke That Window

By The Way, my little sister and I came up with another use of BTW: Broke That Window. We use it in the situations where someone shatters someone else’s reality with perspective changing information. I think it is perfect for so many uses.

Two Examples:

  • Girl has crush on guy, best friend tells girl he is gay. Broke That Window
  • Friend has been mispronouncing a word, and friend informs them of correct pronunciation. Broke That Window

Now it is story time. My life had an amazing BTW experience  21 years ago. Karli was born. I never knew such an inspiring human being could exist. Well she does. My perspective changed because of her, and probably always will.  I remember the Christmas dress I wore, and singing in the bank. I was so excited for the season, but most of all excited for the big change I knew was coming. She broke a window, changed my life, and blessed my life so much. Happiest Birthday Wishes little sis.  BTW, (most widely accepted usage) That is all for now.


2 thoughts on “BTW: Broke That Window

  1. Jennifer Zollinger says:

    TT you are the best! You are my most favorite person in the world! Love you!

  2. Karli says:

    To my lovely sister 🙂 BTW (by the way) you are the sweetest and kindest person!!! I love you!

    BTW (broke that window) love you more than Andy’s mints!
    Love love

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