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8 years ago….

I loaded up two suit cases. I went to the airport. I met up with a group of people and boarded a plane to China. My family cried when they said goodbye. I am sure I did too. I had really never left, a junior college 40 minutes from my house is nothing in comparison to Asia. I was headed off with three roommates from college. One of whom had convinced me in the first place, to go to the interview. The children’s faces in the photos convinced me this was a great idea.

I remember L.A. We held on to our bags like nervous traveling Americans. We found our gate. Our layover was long. Our head teacher took some motion sickness pills, knowing the long flight that was a head. We left our bags with the sleepy version of him. We were antsy and wandered. McDonald’s was the meal I chose as my last meal in the United State, I am a fool. I sat down with two of the new people, I was headed out with. I remember her pink hoodie and question whether they were dating; they seemed like they knew each other well. I learn they too, had just met. The hilarious ginger, had made the right food choice with a large plate of Mexican food in front of him. ( Actually,  as I am typing this I question everything I believe and have believed in the past eight years, HELLO WORLD!!!  A large plate of Mexican food right before a 15 hour flight to China? How could I ever have thought that was a good idea?)  Sure, we never ate Mexican food in China, minus the chicken tacos we made in from the box my mom sent, but still I just can fathom eating that before take off.

Anyways, nothing will match the feeling of that day. I was excited, nervous, and happy. No matter what I’ll never be who I was before I left for China again. I’ll never be that confidant, innocent, wide eyed girl headed out to see the world. China changed me. And I am glad I it did, I am glad I let it. Forever more I would be that confidant, innocent wide eye girl who hungers to see the world.


72 Hour Dream

So this is my first video blog. I am not sure how I like it. We’ll see. I am not going to tell you all about it. I’d rather you just watch. I might have miss lead you because I didn’t have a dream for 72 hours. It just felt like it.

So that’s that. Make your own.

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Mustaches are cool.

I am throwing a crazy Mustache-Zucchini-Party and I have great ideas now.   Thanks to Pinterest.

I know random combo but hey I love me some random. My parent’s garden grew plenty of zucchinis this year.  They sent a bunch with me along with an awesome recipe for chocolate zucchini cake.

I know you might be thinking no way gross. But it is AWESOME! I tried it and it is really good.  There are other recipes out there for zucchini dishes so it would be a great way to use up some of these zuks. As for the ‘staches?  I am not sure where they fit in  other than every party is more  fun when you are wearing a fake mustache.


I am looking for a job.

grrr…. more like I am blogging. But I am looking for a job. I am not sure what I’ll do. I am applying like crazy. I am also planning on applying for a little thing called grad school. My roomies are getting ready for school tomorrow and I feel a little lost. I am glad I am not stressing about getting into the classes I need or trying to find my classes. Yet, I am just in a different place.

I made four little baggies of carrots for snacks for them tomorrow.


Vampires aren’t all they are cracked up to be, teens.

Heads up teens, vampires aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Books, movies, television, and blogs;  they make it seem like a Vampire lifestyle would be the life to live, it is not the case. Really let’s think about it folks.  It is not the way to go.


I broke the sink.

I broke it in Brazil. So don’t worry. I feel like my life is like this sink quality crafted yet in crashing shambles. The sealant hasn’t broken. It can’t but the sink has fallen. With the real sink, I washed a towel that was too heavy and the sealant did break. In my life I am not sure what happened but we are taking a break. We. (Me and everything.)  Smashing through…..

It might be better on the other side  of crashing through.

I shiny dime catches my eye in the grass…

My over loaded backpack has seven different chap-sticks/lip glosses in it. But that is probably the lightest of my worries. Really my worries are really heavy in this moment. What is to come? I have my last years binder filled with immaculate notes on anything from the myth of St. Petersberg to a personal note reminding me to call the Forrest Service and set up an interview about the Old Spanish Trail. The 5 gallon water jug slips a little but I a just and balance it better in my hands. I have that new library book in my bag too. I forgot I have yet to crack it. Who would think that meeting someone could lead me to me straight to check out a book about reading people and body language. I have always wanted to be able to read people like that. That guy new things just by looking at me. I wonder if I would really could? And if I would really want to? Can you turn that off? I think of the scene on Borne Identity in the Restaurant. If you aren’t sure which one that is, it is time to watch it again. It is my favorite scene. Should I pick up the dime? This the fourth time I have walked passed it but only the second time I looked at it.