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My Biggest and Best Tip for Backpacking Europe


Overnight travel = Use daylight for exploring rather than travel + Covers cost of hostel or hotel.

Take night ferries, bus, or trains.

It’s a Twofer. Two birds one stone. You have to move around while backpacking Europe, also you have to sleep. Why not do both at once?

IMG_6713 IMG_6714 IMG_6758 IMG_6723 IMG_6727That is what Jessica and I did, anyways and it worked out great. We loved the night ferries from England to Denmark and Sweden to Estonia. Our night train from Denmark to Sweden however, we did not love. It received a nickname, that rhythms with L train. What is your worst public transportation story? I have a few. Maybe, if you are good, next post will be all about the 2014’s H.E. Double Hockey Sticks Train to Sweden and how it reminded me of the night on the Literal L train to Shanghai in 2005.

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Skydiving Canyonlands

“Make sure my sister knows I loved her

Make sure my mother knows the same

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing

Like the love that let us share our name

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing

Like the love that let us share our name”

-The Avett Brothers

This is one of those stories I’ll tell until the day I jump out of that plane and forget that rip cord. (Or lying in my death bed, get it? …Until the day I die.) To morbid? Sorry, I am fine with it as you can see in this video clip, I verbally state my will but it is all a joke. Ever since we planned our death in CNA class, my own death is not a fear of mine.

Anyways, this will forever be one of my favorite life stories and I can not due it justice. Perhaps justice could be served if  Blake, Karli, and I gathered you around a kitchen table and described it in excruciating detail.  Great stories would be told. Catch phrases would be remembered. (It only takes 5 minutes. Schetch.)  The next best thing is this video clip.

Jumping out of this plane was seriously one of the best things I have ever done. (Not the best, one of the best.) It was the perfect mixture of amazing, thrilling, and peaceful. I was called a straight-up bad A, twice, from a  professional skydiver. The feeling falling towards earth, Oh and the view! I loved it.  Would I do it again. Yes. Would I sell everything I own and buy a parachute and do this everyday? Yeah, everyday.

Should I? Maybe, I am just glad I was able to share this adventure with good old Blake and my little sister Karli. She is a trooper. This one is for you, I love ya girl. (Thanks for the idea Blake, I might have stolen this from your “last words”.)


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