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Skydiving Canyonlands

“Make sure my sister knows I loved her

Make sure my mother knows the same

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing

Like the love that let us share our name

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing

Like the love that let us share our name”

-The Avett Brothers

This is one of those stories I’ll tell until the day I jump out of that plane and forget that rip cord. (Or lying in my death bed, get it? …Until the day I die.) To morbid? Sorry, I am fine with it as you can see in this video clip, I verbally state my will but it is all a joke. Ever since we planned our death in CNA class, my own death is not a fear of mine.

Anyways, this will forever be one of my favorite life stories and I can not due it justice. Perhaps justice could be served if  Blake, Karli, and I gathered you around a kitchen table and described it in excruciating detail.  Great stories would be told. Catch phrases would be remembered. (It only takes 5 minutes. Schetch.)  The next best thing is this video clip.

Jumping out of this plane was seriously one of the best things I have ever done. (Not the best, one of the best.) It was the perfect mixture of amazing, thrilling, and peaceful. I was called a straight-up bad A, twice, from a  professional skydiver. The feeling falling towards earth, Oh and the view! I loved it.  Would I do it again. Yes. Would I sell everything I own and buy a parachute and do this everyday? Yeah, everyday.

Should I? Maybe, I am just glad I was able to share this adventure with good old Blake and my little sister Karli. She is a trooper. This one is for you, I love ya girl. (Thanks for the idea Blake, I might have stolen this from your “last words”.)


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Families that Play, Together Stay Together!

#gbnf Families that Play, Together Stay Together!

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accidental vegetarian

The last 4 and 1/2 days I’ve been accidental vegetarian. (After the best steak of my life.) I am not sure how it happened or why. When I got to the forth day I decided to just keep going with it as I realized that I hadn’t eaten any meat.
What I found out: I like it. Yet I am a super grump. I felt hunger after a few hours and couldn’t wait until the next meal. My body ate the kindness section of me first.
The poor people I work with have suffered the most. Stuff I normally would let slide, I called them out on. (Even in front of others….bad news.) Oh well, I guess it was good to take care of business. One person thanked me for my crazy.
It ended when I came in and there was yummy dinner ready for me. I guess that I am going to be a carnivore for a little while longer.

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Real Classy

I just arrived home from a blind date. It ended like this, “Are you looking for your keys?” He asks, as I rummage in my purse “Yea, I have to pee.” Real classy broad. (I know.) It was relatively successful.

With Valentines day coming tomorrow, I feel that I have seen more folks rushing into love. So many engagements, weddings and relationships changes. I think it is all great stuff but I not sure that a holiday should make us rush anything along.

Like this date tonight, not sure it would have happened without Single-Awareness day, lurking around the corner. Last night, I went to a party where there were hundreds of singles hoping to mingle before the big day.

I struggle at these kind of functions. I feel like I have to force myself to talk to people, to look like I am trying. I kept giving up. It was a small apartment and there were so many people. Several times in the night I curled up in one of the many corners and crossed my arms and legs in hopes that my body language would scare them away from me.

Please, I am not anti-social nor do I think I have crowds of people that were begging to talk to me. But there were moments where I had to just give up a little bit. Other times, I was all over socializing. I met and talked with more guys than the last two months combined. That was nice.

Oh, but how long did the party go on. I made a goal to just make it across the room, pushing myself through the hormones and pathetic attempts of flirting, just to get to the other side. (Like a chicken.)

Also, I took the little hearts, the party throwers provide as name tags, and wrote messages on them. My friends and I placed them on the backs of unsuspecting victims as we passed by them. I think my favorite was “Maybe Tonight”, Arrested Development fans might understand that cousin joke. One said “I am bringing sexy back” and I am not sure who that ended up on. But who wouldn’t want to go home from a long party, flirting attempts were made, numbers were never exchanged, yet someone somewhere thought sexy was brought back by little old me. (and a little J.T.)
I was able to start some conversations because of my obvious immaturity.

Once again, it was relatively successful.
Real Classy.

None the less, Happy Valentines Day! Just in case I am the only one who tells you today, I hope it is as awesome as you are.
Well, I do.

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72 Hour Dream

So this is my first video blog. I am not sure how I like it. We’ll see. I am not going to tell you all about it. I’d rather you just watch. I might have miss lead you because I didn’t have a dream for 72 hours. It just felt like it.

So that’s that. Make your own.

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Karli and Matt, My Zombies. They were so kind to let me do their make up for the wild UVU dance. I had to pull my zombie wound skills out of the 8th grade mental filling cabinet. See I waited until the day I could sign up for drama class but you had to be in eighth grade.  Oh, I signed up and every day of that class fascinated me. The day we made wounds might have been the best. 13 years later, who would think I’d be mixing up petroleum jelly,  cornstarch, and foundation to make a skin like surface I could add red food coloring to that same mixture to make a bloody mess? Well I never thought. Thank Mrs. D  for the random knowledge that allows two freshman get their zombie freak on.

Now it is your turn: (You are going to love this!)


Distracted? I sure am.

This goes out to a little girl who looks cutest in fountain pony tails. Sometimes she gets a bit distracted and this video made me think of her. I am afraid though that one day I’ll be one of the dictations trapped under the table. I am so glad she does get distracted at times. Distractions make life worth living. Distract on.


Big Spiders

Looks tiny from next to those big leaves, but those leaves are huge.

Last night I was talking about an experience I had once with big spiders. Puke.  It makes me sick but I thought I could share it anyways. So I spent some time in Brazil, if that hasn’t been apparent by my Brazilian references.  When I first heard I was going there people started warning me about the spiders. I was afraid. But I went and forgot of my fear.

In Brazil you clap your hands at the front gate to be let in. You clap rather than  knock.   Now I couldn’t understand how in Brazil they cement everything up. There nature is cemented up. Cement to the tree trucks. Grass is rare in rural areas. I being some what of a nature lover, was like why not embrace the beauty of nature?  I found out.

We went to a house that I found to be a wonderful example of natural beauty. It looked what I had imagined Brazil to be like.  It was full of lush greenery and trees. We clapped our hands at the front door. There was not a response so we went to the side gate. I was in front and clapped my hands near the gate when I was told to look up. Oh I did.  But ever so slowly, at first I thought my companion was referring to the ginormous spider web. I thought, “That is the biggest and strongest looking web I have ever…. Oh no.”  There was the biggest spider I had ever seen.  I was afraid, I was petrified.  I wanted to scream. I did. I wanted to run. I did.  I wanted to keep looking, and never see it again. It was crazy emotions. I ran back to the road. I creeped up closer.   I jumped back. I had to know more about it, yet I felt my skin crawling. Even as I think back and as I type this I feel afraid and creep crawling on my neck.

Actual size, just compare to the lamp and roof tiles. That is bigger than my head and was right above my head.

Later that night I couldn’t sleep. I prayed and expressed that I would rather not live in a world where spiders of that size lived.  I just kept thinking it would get me. (How do spiders get you?) I think if they can this one could.  I became obsessed with it. I am not sure if it was my fear, obsession, or what but every time we walked by that house I had to look to see if the spider was still there. It wasn’t that  hard after I knew it was there. I could see it from the street!  Yeah, it was that big. Gag.

I wasn’t taken from the world with big spiders.  Nor were the big spiders take from my world. Turns out there were five of them. The owners of the home knew about them and kept them around.  Like pets.  Vomit.  I have the creepy crawlies. Why am I writing about this?

So, mainly it didn’t matter if I checked that one could have been there while the four were home in my bed, waiting to get me.  But they weren’t, I was fine. They probably ate little bug that really would have got me. It is all fine. But turns out I didn’t mind the concrete as much after that.


Mustaches are cool.

I am throwing a crazy Mustache-Zucchini-Party and I have great ideas now.   Thanks to Pinterest.

I know random combo but hey I love me some random. My parent’s garden grew plenty of zucchinis this year.  They sent a bunch with me along with an awesome recipe for chocolate zucchini cake.

I know you might be thinking no way gross. But it is AWESOME! I tried it and it is really good.  There are other recipes out there for zucchini dishes so it would be a great way to use up some of these zuks. As for the ‘staches?  I am not sure where they fit in  other than every party is more  fun when you are wearing a fake mustache.