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I have been re-blogging, my fingers off. I just keep reading these amazing blogs and thinking “I want to share that.” Some I did, while others I didn’t. Some are humors, some are inspiring, some are informative and some just are. My favorite have been really honest blogs, as of late.  You know the type where the author opens up and you glimpse into their life; for a moment you feel almost what it is like for them, just because of their words. I feel like it is a great time to share. Perhaps, I am relating to these blogs because I myself just need some therapeutic writing. I m not sure that you are going to get a load of that this evening but you will get a smidgen. (Smidgen, funny word.) I told my sister that I traded in my life for a pair of khaki pants and a red polo shirt. She went off and I just typed what she boldly told me. She love the words she stated, as I read them back she realized she is wise and clever. ( I’ll blog them later.) But my favorite part was a second thought she left me with at the end of her charming speech. “I didn’t say you could be unsure of it.” (It=Referring to the recent change in my life.) She is right. I am meant to be unsure, learn, and build confidence in the path I picked. I trust in the Lord’s hand to guide me as I make decisions and listen to the spirit.


Reminds me of the film the Restoration, it just seemed fitting for today’s blog.

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Cowboy’s Chaps

We all have that kind of friend, you know the type of that you loan $20 to, then they disappear. You know the type that shows up with bleached blonde hair because of a lost bet. This kind of friend is the life of the party. This is the type of person you take on a road trip.

Perhaps, you all aren’t as lucky enough to have this type of friend. My sister, Karli and I are lucky enough. So, we did invite our friend Blake on our road trip. He is a 24 hour comedy act. A friend like that sure makes a road trip super exciting.

I have always wanted to backpack around Southern Utah. Canyon Lands, Arches, and Moab, you know the drill. In particular I have always wanted to see Cowboy’s Chaps. You might know it as Delicate or Ladies Britches. Or perhaps you don’t recognize any of those names at all, but I am talking about the most famous arch of all time, the one that is the face of the Utah license plates. Odd as is might sound I planned on licking that arch.

We took a little weekend road trip to Moab. We pulled directly into Arches National Park after the drive. Utah is hot in the middle of the summer. Why was I wearing pants? We pulled into the visitors center to get a little information, a little water, and to change into shorts.

When I walked into the parking lot there was Blake at the wheel of my car with my sister buckled in the back. “Okay,” I thought, “Let’s do this.”

Little did I know, that Blake too was looking to see Cowboy’s Chaps. In fact, he hardly cared about the rest of the arches we pasted, as we raced through the park. Finally, Karli said “Can we stop and take some pictures?” That was of course one of our main goals, to take some amazing photos of that wonderful place. Blake stopped the car. And we took some pictures.

Karli and Blake on our Road Trip

Karli and Blake in their kaki pants on our Road Trip

We got out and hiked the trails and climbed some rocks. We had a small picnic of PB& Js. Blake brought a special bag of cherries that he snacked on the entire time. If there are ever Cherry trees in Arches National Park, I am sure it will be because of Blake. He was spitting seeds everywhere while joking about how he would run off and live in the park for the rest of his life.

Blake's Utah Cherries

Blake’s Utah Cherries

I wanted to see the sun set while we were there at Cowboy’s Chaps. We planned it just right so that we would be before the sun went down. We hiked the longer hike. I thought I was in shape enough to keep up with those two, but Blake and Karli lead the way, as I gasped for air behind them. It was a lovely hike. I enjoyed the fact that the trail was covered with several languages and a variety of ages. I feel that Cowboy’s Chaps is beautiful scene that all should enjoy.

Karli and I waited for our turn to take our picture. That is when I accomplished my goal, I leaned in and licked it. Maybe it is just me but it tasted of sand, wind, salt, accomplishment, friendship, and a hint of cherries.

Cowboy's Chaps

Cowboy’s Chaps by TeAnna Rasmussen

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Tie a Tie.

How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie

Tristan once taught me when I asked in a worship service I attended. The meeting was running a little long and it was over crowded. I simply asked how do you tie a tie. Of course this was pre-Pinterest. (Where I currently see random things I hope to one day do.)  He took off his tie and explained. I remember I tied it once and I was like: check. Done. He was like do it again so you remember. I did but I didn’t remember. One time at work, I told a girl I liked her scarf and how she tied it. She said she had just tied it like a tie. Perfect, if you remember, I had forgotten how to tie a tie.  I stumbled on this tonight on Pinterest and pulled out a tie. (Yep, had like 6 of them in our gift closet.) And I re-taught myself. Perhaps, I’ll wear them with my kaki pants.

It is just good to know.

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Mustaches are cool.

I am throwing a crazy Mustache-Zucchini-Party and I have great ideas now.   Thanks to Pinterest.

I know random combo but hey I love me some random. My parent’s garden grew plenty of zucchinis this year.  They sent a bunch with me along with an awesome recipe for chocolate zucchini cake.

I know you might be thinking no way gross. But it is AWESOME! I tried it and it is really good.  There are other recipes out there for zucchini dishes so it would be a great way to use up some of these zuks. As for the ‘staches?  I am not sure where they fit in  other than every party is more  fun when you are wearing a fake mustache.


Kaki Pants

I am not sure how you feel about kaki pants but I feel like kakis take my awkward up three notches. I am already pretty high up that awkward latter I don’t need some ill- fitted- wanna- be tan pants to climb three more rungs. I don’t know why but kaki pants and business pants are all I need to bring out the stringy haired 13 old who didn’t know haw to respond to a normal conversation or the knowledge on how to act in social situations. I know from my blog post it probably appears that I still am 13. But in reality I am far from my 13. My job likes me in business causal but if they only knew how much better I am in a pair of jeans.
But I guess Kakis work for some.