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72 Hour Dream

So this is my first video blog. I am not sure how I like it. We’ll see. I am not going to tell you all about it. I’d rather you just watch. I might have miss lead you because I didn’t have a dream for 72 hours. It just felt like it.

So that’s that. Make your own.

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Bottled Water

Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian independence day as told by Fernando :

There were men in the forest on horses. One was the King of Portugal. He shouted, “Independence or Death”.  Then he was the King of Brazil.

I am not sure this is 100% accurate, okay I know it is not. But it was a lovely story anyways.  It made me think about how I would tell the story of Independence here in the USA. How do I look back on my history? Do I make it out to be greater than it really was or worse?

I heard a story about Good Ol’ Abe, today. It was about how he appreciated the story told  about the Battle of Trenton and how this was one of his favorite stories about the Revolutionary War. (It was one of my favorite stories too. I remember  writing a paper about it in Middle School.) But there was controversy about the battle being built up to more than it really was. How could Abe turn out to be such a good of a guy if he himself was lead to believe the battle was better than it really was? He was able to be a great guy and a kick butt pres. Because he believed in things being able to be better than they might have really been.  He was able to build on legends and live on the shoulders of giants. He was a leading example of engaging in civic duties.

I guess that what I am saying is I would rather build it up, allowing it to build me up.


My Mission

My mission is to guide you in discovering who you are and to inspire you to reach your full potential I have been placed here to improve the lives of those I encounter, and this will be my measure. My life’s journey is making a difference on individual connections that create change in the world. My most important future contribution to others is love, attention, and kindness. My mission is to serve God by being: a source of light, a path of understanding, a stronghold of integrity, and a castle of realized dreams.

I am here:

  • To enjoy every moment along this journey finding laughter, love, and happiness with each day that passes.
  • To be adventurous. People need new experiences to expand your knowledge of reality.
  • To serve others and show compassion for others in need. “When you share with others you are blessed with things to share”
  • To inspire others.  People shine when they believe they can make a lasting impact, this may be the core of everything we do. To remember where I have been and where I will go through maintaining positive relationships with family and friends. People will know who you are by the way you make them feel.
  • To find purpose in life and help others discover their purpose.
  • To use an eternal perspective through humility, hope, and faith.
  • To look for strengths in others, and the good in every situation.
  • To find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts; listen, laugh, be kind, write, and teach.
  • To take care of myself through exercises, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and implementing good personal habits into my daily activities.
  • To choose the ethical way by making a personal commitment to honesty and integrity.
  • To find peacefulness within myself by looking inward while using my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue knowledge, creating balance among all of my obligations.
  • To content myself in my surroundings so I will always know where security lies within my life.
  • To build a reputation of being dedicated to every goal I choose to pursue while having successes in both my personal and professional life.
  • To find happiness, fulfillment, and value in living, I will seek out and experience all of the pleasures and joys that life has to offer.
  • To enrich the relationships I make to a deeper individual level where in I am able to see the true them and I can share with them who I am.
  • To perfect the little things; prayer, church, scripture study, temple worship, and most importantly growing to know my Savior
  • To exercise the abilities I have to read, study, apply, and use my knowledge to gain more continually.

The greatest joy of all is being worthy of the respect and admiration of my loved ones.

“Cross your roads carefully, remember who you are, remember I love you.”

Photo by Jen Clark


The Self Express

Last week the Self Express Buss was in Salt Lake City. I was playing volleyball in powder sugary sand. I never thought we’d met. But life throws you into the pathways of others for random reasons. Come night time, right before Aaron’s show Jen and I decided to walk to Sammy’s. (Sammy’s is little burger and shake joint full mustaches) In reality we ran into our good friends Weston and Geoff headed that way. We all were just going to meet up at Eye lips Eye’s show and then meet up with Aaron afterwards.  Weston and Geoff had dangles of girls with them as if nothing new. So Jen and I just walked along for the fun of it.

In front of Sammy’s we noticed some chalk on the ground. I picked up blue, and drew a response to a message in Portuguese simple leaving “Fale algo logo”. When Jen suggested I draw a temple behind the boy and girl stick figures. I did. That is when we found out the real reason for the chalk it wasn’t for the ground but rather for the bus.

Like moths to a light, Jen and I crossed the street to the bus. There it was in all it’s glory, colorful as a kaleidoscope.  Jen quickly wrote “Jen Buffy” on the bus while I was suddenly at loss for what to draw or write. And that is when we were invited on the bus. Two young men approached us and started asking about Jen Buffy and we started asking about the bus. A somewhat intoxicated man walked by and asked “Can I have your bus?” We all laughed at his blatant attempts. The mysterious bus owners responded “No, but you can draw on it.”  I then took the opportunity to bat my lady lashes and ask “Can I have your bus?” Moments latter I stood in shock with a heavy ring full of keys in my hand. Lady Lashes. Sure it was momentarily and the key ring was instantly removed from my hand but replaced by an invitation on the bus. I am pretty sure being invited on a bus by long haired travelers, is the first of a many wrong decisions in so many young girls lives but in my case I felt okay about it. I made the instant choice to step on the bus and get a tour. I was curious about the purpose of the bus and they were curious about Provo.

We saw three beds, the dream catcher, the spice rack, and ended up on the couch in a discussion about religion. I knew it would end up there. I guess that is the reasoning behind entering onto the bus. I have always found it interesting to discuss religious views with others. I guess that is one reason I spent a year and half doing it full time. Jen had too, so the conversation smoothed into religion without any bumps or jolts. I felt as though Jen were finally companions in helping the conversation flow.

We talked about life, righteous choices, after life, The Book of Mormon (the musical), The Book of Mormon (the book),  health choices, A Greater Being, CTR (Choose the Right), and the paths of life.  It was super interesting to hear their opinions and to share some of ours.

This is what they state was the purpose of the bus, this harmonious conversation and friendship conducive environment. We guess each others ages. We all were so wrong perhaps it has something to do with gender stereotypes the guys guessed us girls to be way younger and we guessed the guys to be way older. (I think  full grown beards make any guy look older though.) I learned that they were promoting transpiration to a sustainable future and exploring solutions to the environmental and social problems we face.  Most of the resources for the bus were donated and they were fueling up on used frying oil.

They invited us along to Moab and I thought for a second if only this internship wasn’t 40 hour commitment. I offered Jen to go and they would have gladly taken her. She couldn’t though.  We wished them luck and went to our show. I think I left a little piece of me on that bus because it has been on my mind for a week now. I’ll I know is they left a little PEACE (play on words) of the bus with me.