18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With

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Celeste and Jesse Forever [Blu-ray]Celeste and Jesse Forever

1. The person who cares less has all the power. Nobody wants to be the one who’s more interested.

2. Because we want to show how cavalier and blasé we can be to the other person, little psychological games like ‘Intentionally Take Hours Or Days To Text Back’ will happen. They aren’t fun.

3. A person being carefree because they have zero interest in you looks exactly like a person being carefree because they think you’re amazing & are making a conscious effort to play it cool. Good luck deciphering between the two.

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4. Making phone calls is a dying art. Chances are, most of your relationship’s communication will happen via text, which is the most detached, impersonal form of interaction. Get familiar with those emoticon options.

5. Set plans are dead. People have options and up-to-the-minute updates on their friends (or other potential…

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52 Things My Dad Taught Me in 52 Minutes

I am pretty sure he thought we were just talking. It is Thursday night after all. We have let too many Thursdays pass. Don’t let your Thursdays pass.

1. He taught me about about humility because none of what follows came out as bragging, boasting, or overly confident.

2. I learned the importance of kind words. I learned it through his kind words.

3. I heard respect in his voice, with the way he spoke to me, and through the way he spoke of others.

4. Service, “When you share with others you are blessed with things to share.” It was a motto while I was growing up but more than that it is a way of life for that man.

5. The importance of hard work. It just makes you feel better when you are doing something. Yes, it might be silly to do something just to cross something off your list. And maybe T, you just aren’t one of those task oriented folks that lives to accomplish the next task but enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

6. Eat healthy. (You feel better when you do.)

7. Ambiance, your surroundings affect you mood.

8. What is the use of going out to eat with people you care about, if you can’t carry on a conversation in the noise restaurant?

9. If you don’t like where you are move.

10. On the other hand, if you do like where you are and things are going great, why change?

11. Moving isn’t always progression.

12. Family. (They are seriously the most important.) With story after story, I heard about the important people in his life who are the important people in my life. The examples and role models he spoke about are my grandparents, great grandparents, siblings, step-siblings, uncles, aunts, my mom, and my step-mom. Seriously, how can I be so blessed with great people in my life?

13. Return to your roots.

14. Follow the legacy of you those who came before you.

15. Record their stories.

16. Share their stories.

17. Care about their stories.

18. They are more a part of your life and who you are than you could ever know.

19. It is okay to miss them.

20. Talk about them.

21. Gather memories.

22. Reach out to the family you can.

23. T, you are lucky to have came from such a rich heritage.

24. The importance of timing.

25. Everything happens for a reason. You might think it is fate or coincidence but really you are where you are right now for some reason. What are you going to do about it? Why are you there?

26. Something that one person might be going through might be a big deal to that person, just because it isn’t a big deal for you.

27. Don’t judge.

28. Your  problems are smaller than they seem right now.

29. Take time to enjoy the good moments.

30. Reach out.

31. You might be smart, competent, and capable but that doesn’t mean you always should.

32. Follow your dreams, and share your dreams.

33. Sometimes the thing you are most worried about not being able to accomplish is the thing that is holding you back for a reason.

34. Figure out what things mean.

35. Protect the people you love.

36. Be prepared.

37. To truly care about someone you ask about that someone, learn the important little details of their life and then ask about that.

38. Garden.

39. Full filling civic duties will lead to a full life.

40. Find the value in the individual.

44. Find hobbies that make you happy, and keep up on them.

45. History is important. Learn about it. Engage yourself in it.

46. Inspire others to serve.

47. Look to the future. Plan thing out in the future. Look forward.

48. Friendship is key. Make sure they know they important roll they are in your life.

49. Laugh.

50. Cry, when it is needed.

51. Tell people you love them.

52. Show them, you love them.

Like I said, I am pretty sure he thought we were just talking. It is Thursday night after all. We have let too many Thursdays pass. Don’t let your Thursdays pass.

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BTW: Broke That Window

By The Way, my little sister and I came up with another use of BTW: Broke That Window. We use it in the situations where someone shatters someone else’s reality with perspective changing information. I think it is perfect for so many uses.

Two Examples:

  • Girl has crush on guy, best friend tells girl he is gay. Broke That Window
  • Friend has been mispronouncing a word, and friend informs them of correct pronunciation. Broke That Window

Now it is story time. My life had an amazing BTW experience  21 years ago. Karli was born. I never knew such an inspiring human being could exist. Well she does. My perspective changed because of her, and probably always will.  I remember the Christmas dress I wore, and singing in the bank. I was so excited for the season, but most of all excited for the big change I knew was coming. She broke a window, changed my life, and blessed my life so much. Happiest Birthday Wishes little sis.  BTW, (most widely accepted usage) That is all for now.

Unexpected Friendship

Unexpected Friendship- Is that a good title for this blog? I am not sure because I did expect this friendship. I knew instantaneously, we would be friends, yet, I did not know how good of friends we would be.
(Oh well, that shall be the title.)
This story starts a hot day in Brazil. (It rarely isn’t a hot day in Brazil, so good luck narrowing down the day by that clue.) It was an afternoon where in a break was taken by two Portuguese talking Americans girls in mid-calf length skirts who wore odd mini-backpacks. There was a thrift shop and street that lead to Ester’s house. Try as the gringas could they always stood out, the thick accent on the one and the super blonde hair on the other made it impossible for anyone to not notice the American girls. Many wondered why they were here and some asked.
Of that some Fernando’s Aunt was one, who did ask. She knew her fourteen year old nephew would be even more intrigued by these foreigners.
You see I was one of these foreigners, I was the one with the thick accent and the really long pony tail that went down her back resting atop my weird little backpack. It was the end of the twenty-fourth year of my wonderful life and I craved to share something I love so dearly with the world. I had been sharing the message of the restored gospel for sixty-eighth weeks in a several cities in Brazil all of which were located in the State of Sao Paulo in the north western country side. I was nearing the end of my mission and delaying the thoughts of returning home. Although my family was always a great sore aching pain in my heart, I covered that with the aching love I had to share the gospel with all that I met.
Fernando’s Aunt told us about him. I thought it odd as we explained what we were doing that here in Brazil, she thought of him. I couldn’t see why she herself didn’t want to meet with us. But as she spoke of Fernando, I thought there probably would come success from her reference, at least a visit with a young man fascinated with countries. We didn’t make a plan to meet with him. We just rushed off to Ester’s house.
As everything happened, I felt a connection to Fernando and his family that seemed as if I had always known them.
I am not sure if that has happened to you ever, but it has surely happened to me. This wasn’t the first time in Brazil, but it was the strongest. I immediately felt the role of Fer’s older sister was one that I was meant to play. I am not sure how to explain it but here is an example; I remember a few weeks into meeting Fernando I was sitting at in a seat at my place of worship, next to a person who was studying our form of worship, when a member of the congregation suggested I sit next to Fernando who was also there. I grudgingly yet with love, like an older sister would, moved next to him. Thinking, he can sit where he is he choose the spot he is in, it was just different with him.
For tonight that is all this story will be, but trust me there is more. And it goes one to reveal an unexpected-expected friendship. Come back to find out more, but think about those connections in your life. Just do.


Once upon a time there was a girl who needed a place to stay, friends, and a listening ear. She found that in an unexpected way.
I never thought at the age of 28 I would be moving into my grandparents basement. But you never do plan out life how it goes. I never would have imagined my life ending up this way but I wouldn’t change it for anything. It was only a short term living arrangement but one that changed my life. Because of the kindness they showed me I was able to pay of my student loans, work through several hard situations and help plan my future. I am truly blessed. The love they have for me is unbelievable and not even expected. They proved to me that blood isn’t what makes a family but love is. I am impressed by their hardworking examples. They are so accepting. I hope to be like these two when I grow up. Grandparents

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Thrifty Nifty

Not quite a montage it is lacking pop music and hats but Karli and Blake try on clothing outside a thrift store in Green River. If ever there is a place that you can afford clothing this is the place.25 cents each. Caution: Blake’s back is seen in this film, not suitable for those with fears of backs.

don’t give up

I have given up on my blog! No, I haven’t, but it really has been a long time. So much has happened blog people, so much. I could be anyone. I can do anything. I believe this. It has been so true  for me lately.

Can and will

But some days feel like it is just a bad day.

Bad Day

Then I read this, changed my perspective. Rather than pushing the bad day back, try to show strength. A dear friend of mine was having a bad day and it surprised me. How could she? She is human, we all are. We have bad days.

Devil and sin

This jumped out at me too. Just remember you are more than what is happening right now. Always remember though the way you react does determine your character. It is a fine line and a fun balance. Heavenly Father Loves You.

And as I wonder what is going on in my life, who am I where am I going and does it matter; I find myself stalking old friends on Facebook where I ….honestly waste my time ….and then I find a treasure:
“9 Ways You May Unwittingly Deprive Yourself of Love and Fulfillment


Refusing to express what you deserve virtually guarantees deprivation. Millions of people allow others to ignore, take advantage, and take them for granted because they will not speak up.


Focusing solely on the others at the expense of you is actually a disservice to yourself and others. It typically leads to resentment and emotional martyrdom.


Guilt or “selfish” feelings when you meet your own desires is a sign that you don’t believe you deserve to have them met, as if it were wrong.


Not accepting compliments graciously (inside and out) is a way to deflect them, depriving yourself of being appreciated.


A sure way to not to not connect is to attract emotionally unavailable or narcissistic people into your life. When you commit to these kinds of people, you set yourself up for a lifetime of emotional deprivation.


Expecting disappointment keeps fulfillment at a distance. Going into situations anticipating disappointment becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


This is so common! People usually don’t think of it this way, but not knowing what you want or even trying to figure it out is a way to avoid your purpose. Living with a sense of purpose brings meaning and fulfillment.


When you avoid close relationships or shy away from deeper connections with people, you miss out on this fundamental contribution to happiness and fulfillment.


Letting go and having fun in the here and now is an important way to experience fulfillment and reduce stress. Staying in your head, remaining preoccupied or self-conscious robs you of the opportunity to enjoy your now.”

It just got me thinking, you know.
And I ramble and this might not make sense to anyone but :


Sometimes you live. Sometimes you just need to write.

–That’s all and good night.

Skydiving Canyonlands

“Make sure my sister knows I loved her

Make sure my mother knows the same

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing

Like the love that let us share our name

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing

Like the love that let us share our name”

-The Avett Brothers

This is one of those stories I’ll tell until the day I jump out of that plane and forget that rip cord. (Or lying in my death bed, get it? …Until the day I die.) To morbid? Sorry, I am fine with it as you can see in this video clip, I verbally state my will but it is all a joke. Ever since we planned our death in CNA class, my own death is not a fear of mine.

Anyways, this will forever be one of my favorite life stories and I can not due it justice. Perhaps justice could be served if  Blake, Karli, and I gathered you around a kitchen table and described it in excruciating detail.  Great stories would be told. Catch phrases would be remembered. (It only takes 5 minutes. Schetch.)  The next best thing is this video clip.

Jumping out of this plane was seriously one of the best things I have ever done. (Not the best, one of the best.) It was the perfect mixture of amazing, thrilling, and peaceful. I was called a straight-up bad A, twice, from a  professional skydiver. The feeling falling towards earth, Oh and the view! I loved it.  Would I do it again. Yes. Would I sell everything I own and buy a parachute and do this everyday? Yeah, everyday.

Should I? Maybe, I am just glad I was able to share this adventure with good old Blake and my little sister Karli. She is a trooper. This one is for you, I love ya girl. (Thanks for the idea Blake, I might have stolen this from your “last words”.)


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Out for a Walk with Janece

Janece and I took a nice spring walk today. It’s a family thing.

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Just Observing

Sunday Fashion

Just observing in my weekly worship services I noticed a pattern a theme to the discussion, lessons and talks. It sounded like everyone met together and figured out the perfect things for me to hear and collaborated to form the perfect day.  The only thing is I struggled not to think about fashion, I wanted to just talk to my friend, needless to say I was super distracted. I did however gather some of the amazingly inspirational greatness of the day.

This is what I  can share of what I learned to day: Reclaimed

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