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I have been re-blogging, my fingers off. I just keep reading these amazing blogs and thinking “I want to share that.” Some I did, while others I didn’t. Some are humors, some are inspiring, some are informative and some just are. My favorite have been really honest blogs, as of late.  You know the type where the author opens up and you glimpse into their life; for a moment you feel almost what it is like for them, just because of their words. I feel like it is a great time to share. Perhaps, I am relating to these blogs because I myself just need some therapeutic writing. I m not sure that you are going to get a load of that this evening but you will get a smidgen. (Smidgen, funny word.) I told my sister that I traded in my life for a pair of khaki pants and a red polo shirt. She went off and I just typed what she boldly told me. She love the words she stated, as I read them back she realized she is wise and clever. ( I’ll blog them later.) But my favorite part was a second thought she left me with at the end of her charming speech. “I didn’t say you could be unsure of it.” (It=Referring to the recent change in my life.) She is right. I am meant to be unsure, learn, and build confidence in the path I picked. I trust in the Lord’s hand to guide me as I make decisions and listen to the spirit.


Reminds me of the film the Restoration, it just seemed fitting for today’s blog.

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