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Goal: Travel My Pants Off

There is this country song, I have fallen in love with the words:

I'll Go Anywhere

“West Virginia, baby I don’t care. Mexico on wild hair. Have you ever seen California? Pick a spot on any old map. I travel light and my bags are packed. Just as long as I’m where you’re at, I’m gonna have a real good view. I’ll go anywhere, anywhere with you.” written by Ben Hayslip sung by Jake Owen.

I have kind of made it my mantra. If we break it up we can tell it is a love song rather than a travel song but baby I don’t care. He might be telling his lover, he only needs one view but I am telling everyone that my lover is the differing views. I really do travel light and I pack rather quickly, so they are practically packed. I’ll go anywhere, here is the difference though, I’ll go anywhere with anyone. (Within reasonable limits, don’t follow strangers to foreign places, please; that is not what I am promoting.) I have always tried my best whenever asked to travel anywhere, to just go.

I have missed out on a few (5) amazing Caribbean cruise, a trip to Brazil, one to Russia, a couple of trips to Zions, a snowmobile trip to Morgan Utah, a Yellowstone trip, a trip to Denver, Disneyland, and once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a night in Adam-ondi-Ahman with a couple missionary who were serving there. Wow, I really am shocked about the accuracy of this list. It is because travel is so important to me the missed trips haunt me. Anyways, this isn’t a blog about missed opportunities rather a blog about opportunities that were taken. I’ll go anywhere.

So, when my cousin asked if I wanted to go to Europe with her, logically I said yes. The next few blog posts are going to be about the adventure we had along the way.

Please stay tuned for a jolly good time. I am planning on: selfie videos, hanger survival stories, travel tips, maybe some packing advice… I am not sure.

Is there anything you want to hear about or see? I should let you pick. Which of those do you wan to know about? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll comply, within reason.

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Thanksgiving Eve?!

Can I call it that, Thanksgiving eve? It is the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house….. no no that is not my story tonight.  But just FYI, not a creature is stirring not even a mouse, just the mouse on this computer and the clickity click of my typing.

I am waiting on the return of my sister. Tomorrow, we’ll venture off for the celebrations with the family. I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving and the traditions that surround it.

"Turkey" photo and culinary skills by Kirk Rasmussen

Today, on Thanksgiving eve, no matter where the dinner takes place the house must be cleaned. Why you can’t have a mess house at Thanksgiving, that is not being very grateful.  I remember always in my late elementary school days, that I would dream of the time off and filling it with playing house; when in reality I filled it with cleaning house. (I am sure my childhood memory exaggerated the amount of time I real was cleaning though.) I can picture the vacuum with the elephant long nose, and square body that I drug behind me as I banged it clumsily into the walls.

Later, in my teenage years, I fought with my mother as I vacuumed the for the company that would arrive. I struggled to reattach the front piece to the front of the new vacuum, with twisting the band.  I had to call my mom in for help. She said, “I think you’ll have to move next door when you grow up. So that whenever you vacuum I can just walk over to help.” We smiled and I imagined how in a way that would be perfect.

After moving out I spent my first Thanksgiving away from home;  just a little too grown up, lonely, and without a vacuum.

I made sure that the next year I wasn’t lacking the vacuum tradition.  This time though I wasn’t cleaning up for my guests. I was being paid to keep the tradition alive. I worked for a cleaning company that cleaned houses. I doubt my mother would have ever thought that my clumsy vacuuming skills would earn me an income.  I grabbed on to that long nosed vacuum and straightened up that fancy home with ease. I smiled big at the end of the day when I saw the cash tip that would be used as gas money to go home.

I spent a few more years away from the vacuum and home. Thankfully, my family made a big deal about that. First before I left they had a huge feast of a Thanksgiving and knowing it would be a while before I returned they threw in a little Christmas too. When I did come back, that year Thanksgiving was once again a big deal. I am pretty sure I wasn’t even allowed to vacuum for any of those.

This year, I am as excited as ever for tomorrow. I thought about it all day. I made plans to go to the cinema.  I wandered around the house. I should have packed for the road trip home tomorrow but instead I found myself pulling out the vacuum.  This little apartment didn’t really need a cleaning but it just felt like what I was suppose to do, because it is Thanksgiving eve after all.

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