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A Year with Krystal Dey

Yesterday, I woke up to this notification not like I need any notifications to remember my little sister’s birthday. She herself is a walking talking notification. You don’t need a push banner or dinging alerts when it comes to the most important day of her life, her birthday! I admire how she celebrates the small things and the large things; to the fullest.

That is not all that I admire about her, so I am going to dedicate this blog to her and it mostly will be a photo log of a year with Krystal Dey.

Please see the detailed list of birthday plans below:

Krystal’s Birthday plans


  • Food is important to her. (It is impressive how much of her plans consisted of food.)
  • She is hilarious on Twitter. Even funnier than me and I crack myself up.

  • She makes the best faces. She found someone to join in on the face making.

Provo City Center Open House


Caught in a Yawn

Krystal and Robert At the Temple Open House

  •  She sends me the best motivation and information on snapchat.

I sent her a snap of me laughing, other’s responded “creepy” not Krystal though

Snap from when I was traveling , no sure where though

Snap update

  • She loves dogs.

Scooter and Krystal

Just a dalmation


  • She attends things with me. (Being the single lady that I am, it is nice to be able to count out someone to accompany me out and about.)

Britney’s Baby Shower

Hanging out with Matt

Amber and Landon’s wedding

Chealsea’s bridal shower

  •  She takes care of me.

Post Mountian Biking

  • She lets me hang out.

 Her Kind Texts

  • She is always working on her fitness. Impressively, she encourages others to do so too without being pushy or over bearing. Somehow I ran a 5k with her and Robert, I swore I would never…(please see the Second picture, I am not pictured because I believe I am lying in a hammock trying not to die.)

Snaps about fitness and pants

Post 5k photo

  • She is always down for shenanigans and adventures.

CCC / POW Camp

Punking Karli

Camping in Maplegrove

  • She always wanted to match me. (Well news flash Krystal, we will always match. We are just twins separated by four years.)


The day we wore the same sweater

The day we wore the same sweater

The day we wore the same sweater

And I couldn’t be more flattered and proud to be so matching with someone so amazing, intelligent, funny, emotionally mature, and beautiful as her.

  • She makes me feel comfortable to be me. I don’t mind being third or even fifth wheel.

Krystal and Robert waitting. for Karli to call

Betos 5th wheeling


Krystal and Robert modeling for me on our trip to Vernal


Dinner date with these delightful two

  • She is great at celebrating good times, like I said.

4th of July 2015

Fernando’s Graduation

My Birthday

So let me celebrate her and the joy she brings to my life with some past birthday memories:

She is the best and not only does this blog prove that but it can be used as a catch up for that litter one out on her mission. Karli will be like, “so sister s what have you been up to?” And Krystal, we can be like here ready this post. It is what we call a two for one deal.

But I think this past birthday post sums up how I feel about my sister the best: