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Inspiration for today…

“Learn to write your hurts in the sand and carve your blessings in stone.”

Let go of the that which hurts you and hold on to what means the most.


Hugo: Scorsese’s 3D Love Letter To Cinema

The Password is Swordfish

Hugo will still be in 3D theaters for another couple of days. If you love Martin Scorsese, or cinema on the whole, or feeling things, you owe it to yourself to go see Hugo. It’s a coming-of-age story, it’s a love letter from Martin Scorsese to the history of cinema, and perhaps most strikingly of all, it’s by far and away the best use of 3D in a live-action motion picture to date. Anyone who ever foolishly bought a ticket to a 3D film that didn’t utilize the technology properly should be required by law to see Hugo. Filmmakers in general should be required to see Hugo. At a time when sequels, superheroes, and lowest common denominator cinema makes the most at the box office, it’s a lesson in the importance of telling personal stories– it’s Scorsese’s most personal movie to date.

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Word Clouds

Citizen Knope

Last time on the television show Parks and Rec. I nearly cried. It was the Christmas episode where Leslie Knope gets presents for her crew. She bought presents that fit the personalities of her friends so well, that they worked together to come up with the best present for her. They used a web cloud compiled of the words found in her emails in order figure out what she would want the most for Christmas.  I loved it so much! I watched it twice nad slowed it down during that part in able to read it. Oh, it cracked me up. I loved how it had jeggins, candy, whip cream, Ann Perkins, and Taylor Swift. Loved it!

I decided to make  word clouds of my own. I found a site that allows you to make them. I played around and decided to post four that I made.  I used the twitter tool and made it out of mine and my roommates tweets. I think it is funniest that all of ours turned out having Taylor Swift in it too.  Look closely, laugh a little.

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Moon River

I love this song for 3 reasons:

1-) Classic.

2-) It is the theme song for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

3-) I own the vinyl record.

4-) ‘Tasha’s voice rocks! Listen to her cover.

And when I said 3 reasons I mean 4.

Moon River-Andy Williams (COVER by Natasha)

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A Walk Through the Garden of the Gods

I wish I where here. One day….

Everywhere Once

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

15 miles of hiking trails wind through gloriously upended sandstone formations in Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods. Free to the public by decree of railroad magnate Charles Eliot Perkins, whose family donated the land to the city in 1909, the property was named as one of the nation’s top ten public places in 2011. With sites like these, it is easy to see why.

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First Date Pro.

I ran into a friend in the hallway. He asked me about my dating life.

“I responded that I am a first-date-pro.  I am perfectly wonderful at the first dates. I am great at keeping up the conversation with someone I don’t know. I play the get to know you game really well. I smile, I giggle, I answer, and ask the right questions. At the end of the date, when he says we sould do this again sometime, I say yes. ”

He listened. Thinking and processing it through.  He responded, “I think the real evidence of how great a first dater you are really is, how are you at the second date?”

“Oh, I suck at getting second dates.”

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Just Friends?

Recently, I saw an YouTube video on men and women being just friends. It was made my a local university. I wonder if there was a selection process on who they picked to interview, I think there had to be. I wonder if  there was editing?  Either way, I think it is really cleaver and important for us to go over today.

Can men and women be just friends? Ask yourself this. Media has been using this theme to create humorous films with similar plot lines.

With films like:

  • Just Friends
  •   Friends with Benefits
  •  No Strings Attached

friendship/relationship line is questioned.

Friendship with the opposite sex is portrayed to be impossible, especially with an ounce of attraction.

Personal experience tells me differently yet, I once had a guy friend, that told me that it was impossible for guys to be friends with a girl that he was not interested in. I questioned the validity of this to be 100% accurate and he stated that if he is not interested in her, he is interested in one of her friends.

If life were a movie this would have been when he would have confessed his love for me, I would have told him that it was too late and he was already in the friend zone.  Yet, somehow he’d prove his love and just when it was almost too late,  I would realize that I loved him all along.

Life is not a movie.

In real life, I was shocked.  This seems to be a concept that is harder for the female mind to wrap their mind around.

To this day I believe that it is possible for females and males to be friend with out anything more.

Just watch this clip though and tell me what you think because it seems to prove me wrong.

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Gaming Addiction and Reality

This is a great blog. An addiction that most don’t even consider a possibility. I love how this was written, with knowledge and research on the subject. Thank you.

Eat, Drink, Sleep....Media!!

Just yesterday I found myself in the school library. I was working on some writing assignments for my classes. The computer lab was full. A  message from the administrator popped up on my screen : Please log off if you are not using the computer for school work. I looked around the room. I wondered if everyone got that message. Did they know what I was looking at online? A boy sitting at the table next to me was probably not doing school work. He was on his personal laptop, hood on. The game he was playing for longer than I was in the library ….the awful, the most addictive game in the universe… you guessed it WOW or “World of Warcraft”.

I’ve heard stories about babies in Japan dying because of this game. A few years ago I found myself in the sauna at a large gym. I was alone in a…

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Personal E-mail

I miss good old fashioned emails. I know that is not true. I truly miss long form letters that ramble on for pages but since I rarely receive those and since there was a time in which I received emails constantly, I’ll pick to miss those.
There was nothing like the days when you opened your inbox to see emails, personalized emails. I am not talking about the loads of spam, I am not talking about the accounts you set up, I am not talking about work emails. I am talking about personal ramblings on day to day on goings. The type that were purely to stay in touch. I am talking about the type that said things like, “I have to go or else I’ll burn my fries.” or ” I feel a lot better you took an extra deodorant”. Little details of peoples lives are lost with the loss of personal emails.

Come back… emails..come back.

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A single’s guide to happiness

Here is some good ideas for the single folks out there, like me. This weekend I could have used this when everyone was asking me about my lack of love life. A nice blog for all my single peps…

The Roadside Diary

Movies, TV shows, songs, plays, even commercials are all selling love. Actually, “selling” is kind of a soft word, it’s more like they’re pushing it on us. They’re like drug pushers – they’re love pushers! And while I’m more the cheesy action fan myself, I’ve seen enough romantic comedies to understand why so many people believe that romantic love makes the world go ’round.

From Jerry Maguire’s “you had me at hello”, to Johnny’s “nobody puts Baby in the corner”, and Mr. Darcy’s “you’ve bewitched me body and soul” (yes, I’m aware this line would be really creepy if said in this century)… you get the point. We’ve been conditioned to believe that life and true happiness starts when your prince charming walks (or gallops) into your life. According to Hollywood, love equals happiness. And I’m not here to refute that logic, but after many a long conversation with single…

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