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One Secret to Life…

Friendship, it is the best ship. I have just been thinking about how I am grateful for friendship. I moved two months ago and I am not far from where I was before, so I’ll return some nights and weekends to visit. But for the most part I just to chill in my new city. I made a few friends at my new job, I have some old friends who beg me to return at times, and I have one friend that already lived in my new city. He was kind enough to invite me to social events and to hang out.  Here is the bad news…. he is moving.


Geoff is the type of friend that will:

  • Pay attention to even the boring-est details of your job and ask you about them later
  • Find your missing earring even when you have given up hope
  • Text you during holiday breaks requesting to know, “How the snow shoving is going?”
  • Invite you to the coolest activities that only in crowd know about
  • Own a pet snake an will let you cross “Hold a snake” off your bucket list
  • Take a spontaneous to a new level

Lately, we have been hanging out more, because I knew that he would soon be leaving. Not a good idea, said the tears flooding out my eyes when I said goodbye.

It is good for him. I think. Life has done all it can to convince him not to move he met an amazing girl right before the big move. (She is quality, and she fits in our group of friends really well.) We held a don’t-move-intervention. I say don’t move every time I see him. None of this is working. Which is fine. He moved anyway.

Life is about changes.

The secret to dealing with those changes are:

  • Grabbing the bull by the horns
  • Dancing like everybody or nobody is watching
  • Singing like nobody or everybody is listening
  • Planning things to look forward to
  • Rolling with the punches
  • Enjoying life

Because life is about toasting with ice cream and enjoying friendship.

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So Distracted…

I get distracted so easily. Whoa. I have to get this under control. Can you say A.D.H.D. much? I am not sure what to think about it. I have like six windows up and I have half a text typed out on my phone. Suddenly I am posting this video on my cousin’s facebook page, why even? Just because it is Wednesday I guess. I think it was just the way my day went. I felt like I just wasn’t able to really focus. Work was like; clock in, make a schedule, return home for forgotten keys, help school, answer phones, fix elevator, hang ornaments, cover breaks, up stairs, down stairs, here, there, in, out… get the picture. Right? Days at work are so random, just take these sentences here for an example:

  • I just walked through that hexagon
  • I just came here for the top hat
  • Frosty the snowman la dee da
  • Your back makes a great head rest
  • Exercise make you look young
  • The reindeer will be here on the 22nd

Opps I got lost on pinterest, this is a lost cause. But just FYI not all those phrases where said by children and the last one was an announcement I made this afternoon. Just stay young folks.

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O Come, Emmanuel. Amazing.

This my third time listening/watching this. It is so amazing.


Nature’s Astonishing Power

I got told that I am:

“A supportive and nurturing friend, open to sharing ideas and collaborating with others instinctive, wise and full of inherent knowledge determined to succeed in your goals able to handle the toughest situations with grace.”

Friends and Family:

“You’re a solid and steady rock, who’s supportive of friends and family. This is a great quality, but you’re also mindful that there is strength in vulnerability.”

In Nature:

“You recognize nature’s astonishing power, but that’s the reason you like to challenge it. You get a thrill out of conquering things, like climbing to the top of a mountain.”
Musinia Mt viewrecordthe top  trailclimbing down at the top the three of us

..uh thank you for a truly accurate description of myself, shampoo website. That was odd. Anyways, on to the story in the photos.

Once upon a time, there was this girl who didn’t know what to do with her life and she was scared. She had kind and wise dad. This girl also had a step mother, don’t all fairy tales include one? Well this fairy tale does. Was she a wicked step mother, no. She was a soft spoken, sweet, adventurous step mother. (A step-mother who wrote a darling blog about her daring adventures.)

Anyways the daughter, was in one of those dark places in life. The kind that only stepping into the darkness with faith could bring her closer to the light. She was unable to recognize this. Her parents could though, they also say she needed some adventure.

This brave beauty lived for adventure but had somehow forgotten the rush she  gained from accomplishing things. She had in the past created a list of goals and spoke of them frequently. One of the goals was so close yet so far way. It was right out her door. Her goal was simple, to climb to the top of the nearest peak, to climb Mt. Musinia.

Her parents told her that the fifth day in September would be the day she would climb the peak and they would go to. Together they stepped out for the adventure that would change their lives forever.

During the hike the wise father stated that this hike was similar to the young woman’s life. The comparison was made in the fact that things were difficult and most likely going to get more difficult before it got better but then when she was just about to give up there would be hope and the grand feeling of accomplishment. Through nature’s astonishing power she felt the connection between his words, the adventure, and her life. He was right. Don’t give up. HOPE.

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Hair Crush!

My Hair Crush

My Hair Crush: Messy Curly

I saw this hair and loved the wild curls. I really wanted to do my hair this way, I didn’t. I thought of it though. I had no reason to do my hair like this models hair was done. I figured out away to wear my hair this way. I thought I would share it.

Before: My Straight Hair

Before: My Straight Hair

My Version of Messy Curly Hair

After: My Version of Messy Curly Hair

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Then There is the Song You Can Never Get Enough of….

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Anyone else would be going crazy but it fits so well with life. Every note, line, and pause, is perfect. You know the feeling. You have been here. Feeling like a crazy person as you play it once again. Maybe one more time, will be too much, it starts, never enough. That’s the moment I am talking about. L.O.V.E.

Brazilians Love Snow

Brazilians love snow and scaring people.

Those are two highly unrelated videos.

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