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The Mommy Diaries

The Mommy Diaries; to all you moms out there write them. When I was a baby my mom wrote to me, in her dairy. She described how she felt, what she was excited for and what was happening. Seriously, priceless!

The Mommy Dairies

The Mommy Dairies

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9 Years Ago; The Prequel to 8 Years Ago.

Water aerobics, race to biology, off bowling, radio class, lunch, don’t fall asleep in math 1050 because history is next, or something like that.

I just remember nearly drowning in that class, water aerobics of course. We walked circles around the pool and then picked up our foam weights.  I remember Steph was talking about something she was excited about, as we stepped into the pool. I remember when she was mentioned the idea and I thought it was insane. But Steph had that glimmer in her eyes. She had that smile on her face, the smile she only uses as she is making plans. I couldn’t believe what she was suggesting.

“Let’s go to China.” Like people just go to China, I thought. This is crazy talk. I remember the exact place in the pool where we were when she brought up it. (South side mid pool, wait more mid-east, FYI) I decided that I would agree to go and then come up with a reason not to go down the road. I told her that I would attend the info session and go to the interviews. But I told myself I didn’t need to do anything else.

Interview time came and Steph went into talk to them first. I sat in the waiting room. There on the end table was a photo book and I started strumming through it. That was it.  I was going to China.


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8 years ago….

I loaded up two suit cases. I went to the airport. I met up with a group of people and boarded a plane to China. My family cried when they said goodbye. I am sure I did too. I had really never left, a junior college 40 minutes from my house is nothing in comparison to Asia. I was headed off with three roommates from college. One of whom had convinced me in the first place, to go to the interview. The children’s faces in the photos convinced me this was a great idea.

I remember L.A. We held on to our bags like nervous traveling Americans. We found our gate. Our layover was long. Our head teacher took some motion sickness pills, knowing the long flight that was a head. We left our bags with the sleepy version of him. We were antsy and wandered. McDonald’s was the meal I chose as my last meal in the United State, I am a fool. I sat down with two of the new people, I was headed out with. I remember her pink hoodie and question whether they were dating; they seemed like they knew each other well. I learn they too, had just met. The hilarious ginger, had made the right food choice with a large plate of Mexican food in front of him. ( Actually,  as I am typing this I question everything I believe and have believed in the past eight years, HELLO WORLD!!!  A large plate of Mexican food right before a 15 hour flight to China? How could I ever have thought that was a good idea?)  Sure, we never ate Mexican food in China, minus the chicken tacos we made in from the box my mom sent, but still I just can fathom eating that before take off.

Anyways, nothing will match the feeling of that day. I was excited, nervous, and happy. No matter what I’ll never be who I was before I left for China again. I’ll never be that confidant, innocent, wide eyed girl headed out to see the world. China changed me. And I am glad I it did, I am glad I let it. Forever more I would be that confidant, innocent wide eye girl who hungers to see the world.

Secret Crush

My dear friend is responsible for this crazy video and I LOVE it!!! If any thing deserves to go viral online I think this does. He is the original hipster. He was hip before it was cool. I love it because it is so him and that makes me happy.

Anyways this song goes out to that special Secret Crush of mine. I might not even know who you are but I like this song.

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This is so funny and interesting to see. I would love to see the modern celebs play the part of the historical figure in films.


I am just a girl that needs to dance.

I got my purse stolen today.

My future is hanging on a timeline that revolves around three dentist appointments.

I got my purse back.

I saw the guy who stole it.

Everyone keeps quitting and turning in their two weeks to me.

Someone put an air freshener in my office.

Do I stink?

I got a pedometer today at 2:30.

I walked 2.47 miles after I got it.

I ate lunch with one of my best friends.

I just learned how to say February, that’s weird.

He wore sunglasses and wanted to talk to me.

I didn’t want to talk to him.

Why isn’t Josh Lucas in more movies?

One of my favorite things is finding a movie made during my mission that I never even heard of and I watch it like it is brand new.

I am going to Hawaii.

With traveling on my mind this is perfect!

I will tell you right now, I am no expert traveler. But after my husband got a job at the airline, we didn’t waste much time. In two years we have been able to travel to Thailand, New York, California, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica and Canada, and both of us have, well, not so awesomely lucrative jobs. So here are some rules we stick to make it all possible!

1. Avoid Weekend Travel

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, because they are the slowest travel days of the week, will be your best bet for cheap flights. Avoid the weekend rush and book mid-week flights.

2. Pack Light

So many airlines these days are charging $15 dollars or MORE for checked bags. Avoid these extra fees by packing light, is possible, don’t check a bag at all. I have become a believer of the carry on. Skip the checked back line…

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This is perfect for planing a wardrobe! Love it.

Chic Street Style

I can not even tell you how many times I have been asked, “What are you’re list of must-have pieces?” “What pieces couldn’t you live without?” Well, truth be told, I don’t believe there is one magical, holy grail of a list that is one size fits all. But as of right now, here, in 2013, as a fashionista quickly approaching the age of 20. Here are my fashionable 50 that will be sure to transform your wardrobe into something that is equal parts functional and frickin’ fabulous!


The Clothes:

1) A pair of dark wash skinny jeans. They are the ever so flattering and well as flirty jean. Tuck them into boots, cuff them with flats… think of them as the swiss army knife of your denim collection.

2)The chambray top. Timeless and ever so versatile. If you’re a chambray shirt-virgin you will wonder how you…

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