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Angel Man

My San Francisco Faces #2

  • Angel man who gave us tickets for the cable car. He showed up out of nowhere. (Okay not true. We just weren’t paying attention.) We were being all tourist-y taking pictures and making videos of the famous cable cars. We were planning on getting on trip down. When out of nowhere a handsome (not sure I remember that well but he was so nice that he gets a handsome in his description) blond man who was about 6’4″ with an accent and a brown jacket, early to mid forties, asked my sister if she had bought her tickets yet. She said,” No,” confused and said,  “I think you can pay when  you get on car.” She was thinking he was asking if he needed his tickets before.  He said here and handed her some tickets. We looked down in shock and all said thanks in unison.  And then he was gone. We had been trying to plan on a budget it was a blessing.  He must have been watching the crowd because he knew there were four of us in our party even though Lindsay had stepped away to check for prices. We never noticed him or his family picking us out but were grateful he picked us. 

In this moment I learned that good people are everywhere. Random acts of kindness are blessings. You never know who is watching. Also, I learned I would love to be more like him. My dad always says: “When you share with others you are blessed with more to share.” I know that Angel Man will be blessed for his kindness.

Cable Cars

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British Beauty

My Faces of San Francisco #1

  • British Beauty and I never interacted. But her words changed me and her accent caught my ears attention on the metro. She was in her early thirties, long blonde hair, fashion sense and San Fran whether sense.She wore a black classy blazer, white lacy dress and she was headed to the airport. She spoke with strangers and was friendly. Now for her life story or at least the shortened version that I learned  eavesdropping.  A cosmotaligist in the Cosmopolitan. She had moved to New York, felt unsatisfied with the attitude of the people of city. She explained that everyone was about going out, looking great, and where the party is at.  She was ready for the change.  She described as long as you love what you are doing it doesn’t matter where you are. So, she picked up her life and moved to San Francisco. She painted San Francisco with beautiful words.

“San Francisco  it isn’t a class, it isn’t a race, it has a style of it’s own. It is accepts everyone. It is beautiful.” (more or less… & super inspiring.)

San Fran is beautiful. It is accepting, I see why she moved there. I would.

This lady taught me so many things in such a short time frame and never even spoke to me.  “If you love what you do it doesn’t matter where you are.” If things aren’t going how you’d like change it. Life is about more than keeping up with everyone around you. Confidence is beautiful and sharing your story is inspiring.

San Franny Face

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My Faces of San Francisco

Dear readers,

I promised I would write more about my life and the things I have been up to.  I have so many stories to tell. I am not even sure how to do it.  I wrote in my journal to practice but I feel like I even want to tell you more than what I wrote there.

I have had a great July. I know it is not over, nor do I want it to end. Too many things will change…

But let’s just talk about how, I went to San Francisco this month.

Whilst there, I created a list of people that I encountered. These people impacted my trip in one way or another. For some reason I would like to share them with all you all.

My next few posts will be about the faces of San Francisco that I encountered.

Bare with me. You’ll understand one day.


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San Fran

San Fran

San Fran

Cow Girl Up!

“What does one wear to a rodeo?” I regretfully had to ask ask myself tonight. (P.S. I am not a fan of rodeos, I just am not. I have been to many, never loved them. They are tied in with emotional complications in the deep webs of my brain. I also don’t like the way animals are used in the sport.)  I do respect the difficulty of the sport and the beauty of  hard work put into them. (My extended family are rodeo participants.) A small town girl like me, you think it would be part of my blood, but it is not.

When I was told about “Singles Night at the Lehi round up”, I was the biggest hater. (Gag me with a spoon, singles activities and rodeos, no thanks.) My darling friend was so excited. She raised her had in excitement to sign up. I turned to her and said, “Look around P-dizzle none of your friends are going. Are you still so sure you want to go alone?” (I know I am a tad rude. Tad as in baby frog sized rude.) I vowed not to go, yet I went. Because that is what friends do when one friend really wants to do something and you love that friend. We all went, our little clan of friends. We all cowgirls up, and I hate to say it; a good time was had by all.

So what does one wear to a rodeo? One wise person told me there is a fine line with short outfits and cowboy boots, you are either cute or trashy. So here is my idea of how to pull of boots and a dress:

Dress and Red Boots

Darling Paisley with her red boots, cute hair style, feather earrings, white tee, blue sun dress, and Florida tan.

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