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How Our Mustache Party Turned Out


I don’t even know this guy but I love his mustache. Follow this link to my sisters blog to see how the party turned out.

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Say Something….Nice!

Say Something….Nice!

I love this!!! And

Improv Everywhere made a video about this and I love Imporov Everywhere. (Side note: add on to my bucket list participate in an Improv Everywhere activity.)

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Goal #1

To inspire others. People shine when they believe they can make a lasting impact, this may be the core of everything we do.


Wishing lanterns…

Just like in Tangled.

After 4 attempts…FINALLY! We got one of these wishing lanterns to fly. Attempt #1 – Lantern tumbled in the wind (must be calm night). Attempt #2. Flew 50 feet dropped and got stuck in the sagebrush (be patient). Attempt #3 – Lantern tore as LaRea was trying to open it while it was on fire (again patience). Attempt #4 and many lessons learned – see video –

My family seriously is too much fun and I love them.

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72 Hour Dream

So this is my first video blog. I am not sure how I like it. We’ll see. I am not going to tell you all about it. I’d rather you just watch. I might have miss lead you because I didn’t have a dream for 72 hours. It just felt like it.

So that’s that. Make your own.

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Ryan Goslings Abs by New Years

It is the time for resolutions and goal making. So…

During the holiday season I spent time with my family which helped me in remembering the importance of family and the lack of importance of all the other stuff. You know the stuff you waste your time worrying about. (Maybe y’all don’t worry about useless stuff but I sure do.)

Anyways, I would like to paint a picture of words,  you can glimpse into my family room for a brief Christmas moment. (I’ll imagine you outside the window like Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas present.)

We were gathered around the Christmas Tree. My sister-in-law is sitting on the couch, with her adorable two year old son in his Santa feety-pajamas to the right of her. My thirty-something single brother is just walking past the tree and headed out of the room, when he is caught by the conversation and pulled back in by my other brother the one who is happy little family is settled on the couch. He comments on the fact my single brother isn’t the same skinny punk he use to be. My two sisters and I encircle  the couch and join the conversation just as it turns in to a fitness chat.

Ryan Gosling’s abs are, of course are brought up. We all said how we needed a six pack.  Almost instantly, I have my hand in the center of the group and I once again. “Ryan Gosling’s abs on three,” I say.  I never know when people will join in my silly pacts or not. I thought this one would be a go though because my family is a fitness originated family. (….at least we have been at different stages in our life.) But this time I was not disappointed as five hands entered in with out hesitation.  I was then surprised by the tiny little hand that joined in. It made me smile. We shouted, “1, 2, 3, Ryan Gosling’s abs”, and some of us giggle.

Ryan Goslings Abs

Ryan Gosling's Abs, all I can say is "Hey Boy."

The thing about goals is that,  “A goal with out a plan is just a wish.” Larry Elder said that. It is true. So I have been trying to figure out a way to put this goal into action.

Goals need to be:

  • Specific (Ryan-like, a.k.a. F-bomb worthy)
  • Measurable (Next New Years I compare my six pack Ryan’s)
  • Attainable ( Sure is, it isn’t like I said I’ll be dating Ryan. I can totally do some crunches.)
  • Time Bound (Once again, Next New Years.)

I think it is a good thing that we decided to do this as a family because then I have an awesome support group all set up already.  “Amazing Abs,” they all will say when they get our family next years Christmas photo from the beach.

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Inspiration for today…

“Learn to write your hurts in the sand and carve your blessings in stone.”

Let go of the that which hurts you and hold on to what means the most.




Karli and Matt, My Zombies. They were so kind to let me do their make up for the wild UVU dance. I had to pull my zombie wound skills out of the 8th grade mental filling cabinet. See I waited until the day I could sign up for drama class but you had to be in eighth grade.  Oh, I signed up and every day of that class fascinated me. The day we made wounds might have been the best. 13 years later, who would think I’d be mixing up petroleum jelly,  cornstarch, and foundation to make a skin like surface I could add red food coloring to that same mixture to make a bloody mess? Well I never thought. Thank Mrs. D  for the random knowledge that allows two freshman get their zombie freak on.

Now it is your turn: (You are going to love this!)