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Just Observing

Sunday Fashion

Just observing in my weekly worship services I noticed a pattern a theme to the discussion, lessons and talks. It sounded like everyone met together and figured out the perfect things for me to hear and collaborated to form the perfect day.  The only thing is I struggled not to think about fashion, I wanted to just talk to my friend, needless to say I was super distracted. I did however gather some of the amazingly inspirational greatness of the day.

This is what I  can share of what I learned to day: Reclaimed

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Hair Crush!

My Hair Crush

My Hair Crush: Messy Curly

I saw this hair and loved the wild curls. I really wanted to do my hair this way, I didn’t. I thought of it though. I had no reason to do my hair like this models hair was done. I figured out away to wear my hair this way. I thought I would share it.

Before: My Straight Hair

Before: My Straight Hair

My Version of Messy Curly Hair

After: My Version of Messy Curly Hair

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How to Fake Short Hair

How to Fake Short Hair  (Click to watch the video)
How to Fake Short Hair with out the Commitment:
1) Put hair in hot curlers
2) Put hair in a low pony
3) Pin up the pony tail
4) Pin up hair.
More or less that is all.

Fake Short Hair

My Version for the Romantic Side Bun

My Version for the Romantic Side Bun (You remember that super cute hair style I was loving so much!)

Romantic side bun – Here’s the step-by-step: 1.Tease hair all over the upper half of head. Make sure there is more teasing towards the sides of your head, and less teasing closer to your part (hair sticking up around your part is just TOO much). 2. Secure hair with an elastic in a mid-low side ponytail a couple of inches behind your ear. 3. Roll up and pin 4. Adjust…

Side BunThe low messy side bun

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British Beauty

My Faces of San Francisco #1

  • British Beauty and I never interacted. But her words changed me and her accent caught my ears attention on the metro. She was in her early thirties, long blonde hair, fashion sense and San Fran whether sense.She wore a black classy blazer, white lacy dress and she was headed to the airport. She spoke with strangers and was friendly. Now for her life story or at least the shortened version that I learned  eavesdropping.  A cosmotaligist in the Cosmopolitan. She had moved to New York, felt unsatisfied with the attitude of the people of city. She explained that everyone was about going out, looking great, and where the party is at.  She was ready for the change.  She described as long as you love what you are doing it doesn’t matter where you are. So, she picked up her life and moved to San Francisco. She painted San Francisco with beautiful words.

“San Francisco  it isn’t a class, it isn’t a race, it has a style of it’s own. It is accepts everyone. It is beautiful.” (more or less… & super inspiring.)

San Fran is beautiful. It is accepting, I see why she moved there. I would.

This lady taught me so many things in such a short time frame and never even spoke to me.  “If you love what you do it doesn’t matter where you are.” If things aren’t going how you’d like change it. Life is about more than keeping up with everyone around you. Confidence is beautiful and sharing your story is inspiring.

San Franny Face

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Cow Girl Up!

“What does one wear to a rodeo?” I regretfully had to ask ask myself tonight. (P.S. I am not a fan of rodeos, I just am not. I have been to many, never loved them. They are tied in with emotional complications in the deep webs of my brain. I also don’t like the way animals are used in the sport.)  I do respect the difficulty of the sport and the beauty of  hard work put into them. (My extended family are rodeo participants.) A small town girl like me, you think it would be part of my blood, but it is not.

When I was told about “Singles Night at the Lehi round up”, I was the biggest hater. (Gag me with a spoon, singles activities and rodeos, no thanks.) My darling friend was so excited. She raised her had in excitement to sign up. I turned to her and said, “Look around P-dizzle none of your friends are going. Are you still so sure you want to go alone?” (I know I am a tad rude. Tad as in baby frog sized rude.) I vowed not to go, yet I went. Because that is what friends do when one friend really wants to do something and you love that friend. We all went, our little clan of friends. We all cowgirls up, and I hate to say it; a good time was had by all.

So what does one wear to a rodeo? One wise person told me there is a fine line with short outfits and cowboy boots, you are either cute or trashy. So here is my idea of how to pull of boots and a dress:

Dress and Red Boots

Darling Paisley with her red boots, cute hair style, feather earrings, white tee, blue sun dress, and Florida tan.

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Tie a Tie.

How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie

Tristan once taught me when I asked in a worship service I attended. The meeting was running a little long and it was over crowded. I simply asked how do you tie a tie. Of course this was pre-Pinterest. (Where I currently see random things I hope to one day do.)  He took off his tie and explained. I remember I tied it once and I was like: check. Done. He was like do it again so you remember. I did but I didn’t remember. One time at work, I told a girl I liked her scarf and how she tied it. She said she had just tied it like a tie. Perfect, if you remember, I had forgotten how to tie a tie.  I stumbled on this tonight on Pinterest and pulled out a tie. (Yep, had like 6 of them in our gift closet.) And I re-taught myself. Perhaps, I’ll wear them with my kaki pants.

It is just good to know.

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Packing Fashion Tips

Packing ideas

Fashion tips for packing:

1. Know before you go, research a bit into what is going to be like. You don’t want to pack only shorts and sandals even if you are headed to hot AZ. (Sometimes life throws you a storm.) Learn about cultural expectations. You don’t want to be the offensive stranger.  Perhaps it will just be your lack of manicure, that sets you apart as a visitor. (With my experience it is usually just mannerisms that offend; showing off the bottom of your shoes, being excessively loud, your smile, etc.)

2.  Pack your staples, keep it classy. Your go to jeans, you know the ones that make you feel great. A dress that you can dress up or dress down. A few classy shirts, the type you can throw on accessorizes. Neutral swim suits and outerwear depending on the area of travel. Dark jeans or dress pants are also something that you can build on. When packing your staples, pack in neutral tones, this is where I usually fail.

I pack several colored/ flowery/plaid (You are getting the picture…) blouses and a few jeans. Dear me, There has to be more to your wardrobe than just claiming my jeans to be my staples. Staples should be classy.

3.  Add your pop of color! I love this phrase. Choose a flattering color palette that can be easily combined with your classic/staples.  Add in pieces that will spice up you vacation with that pop of color. Don’t be afraid of what you’ll add in this section, this is where you’ll gain your fashion variety. (Currently, mine would surely include some Kelly Green.)

4. Shoes. Plan them well. Shoes take up the most space and add the most weight.  So,  find ways to get multiple uses. At times that will mean being creative and stepping out of your fashion comfort zone.(Aka tennies with summer dress?) Think of the activities you’ll be participating in, make sure that you have appropriate footwear. (Avoid wearing tennis shoes with your little black dress to the black tie event.)

*Packing tip: Shower caps to keep your soles from soling your clothes.

5. Last the best of all the game: Accessories! Accessories are the icing on the cake.  Bring those cute earnings you get complements on. The little things will complete the outfit and the look.  Be cautious on your expensive things or the sentimental pieces you don’t want to loose. Take things you normally wear and are comfortable with. That is something to remember, and works in general with everything you are packing;  if you wear it here, you’ll wear it there.

Where ever you go:

 Bon Voyage!

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Cover Up?

Bathing suit cover ups

Rusty romper as a bathing suit cover up

Pastel dress as a bathing suit cover up

Tank and board shorts

Tank and board shorts

I wish I were headed off to enjoy the sun with these babes.

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5 Outfits I am diggin’

bike, castle, hat, and dress

bike, castle, hat, and dress

 I wish it were me next to that bike. To wear a belt up like that around a cardigan with a cute little dress and two tone flats and ride a bike all day. Oh!

5 Outfits I am diggin’ –>

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