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Mustache Party

Mo&sons-Mo-IconOn Thursday we are throwing our second annual Mustache party!!! I am so excited.  The girls have been crafting all night. And I have been just thinking about mustaches.  They are so weird, and it is so weird that they are “in style”.  But I have been a big fan, for a good reason.  Movemeber, mustache November is for a good cause, men’s health awareness.  I think most people don’t know that is what it is all about.  But it is. I promote mustaches for the men I love in my life.

   Mustache Straws

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Mo Sister

Mo Sister

Here is a link to my last years, post about Mustaches! 

How to Fake Short Hair

How to Fake Short Hair  (Click to watch the video)
How to Fake Short Hair with out the Commitment:
1) Put hair in hot curlers
2) Put hair in a low pony
3) Pin up the pony tail
4) Pin up hair.
More or less that is all.

Fake Short Hair

Elin’s Birthday

I use to work with some really great people that I have been missing. One of whom, turned celebrated her birthday with a few co-workers. We made this video which was funny. Poor Elin, she’ll probably never invite allow us to celebrate her birthday again after what happened. [youtube

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Cinnamon Rolls, Cooking with Grandma Eunice

As a young girl there was always talk of the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever. Yet, never did I eat them. I had my moms and they were so good. She taught me how to make them. (I think she used the same recipe Grandma Terresa’s who would have taught my grandma Eunice. Still Grandma’s cinnamon rolls were always label legendarily the best, even by my mom.) I grew and thought that these cinnamon rolls would forever be something I only heard about and never tasted. But low, one summery day I successful tricked Grandma Eunice into teaching me how to make them. She was so kind to teach me by making them with me. This turned into being one of my most favorite days ever! I enjoyed so much her sharing her talent with me. We talked, like old friends while cooking them. We weeded like crazy landscapers, mainly Grandma, as the dough raised. She filled the entire back of a pick up. She is such a hard worker. We cleaned the green bedroom, that will make sense to those who have visited her. But I think Grandma will agree that one of the best parts of the evening would have been when Grandpa walked into the house and found out what we were up to. Oh the smile on his face! I have only seen him smile that big a handful of times. (One of which was after he startled me in the hallway of our hotel in Lofland. Different story, maybe some other time.) Anyways, I don’t know who was happiest about what we accomplished that day him, my dad, or me; it probably will never be determined. One of the best parts is I got most of it on film. Please join me for the first ever episode of Cooking with Grandma Eunice. And please stay tuned for the next recipe I trick out of her.

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