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Brazilian Girl with a book


This blog post is inspired by the UN’s blog post on the 23 of October. Support a girl with a book! Why? Please read the post but I guess it seems to be a little scary to some out there, to see females becoming educated. Well, I think that there is hardly anything better.The UN encourages people to participate in posting photos of girls reading. I am a supporter and I think you should too.

Here are the sites they they are posting photos on:


“The terrorists showed what frightens them most: a girl with a book.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated this about the assassination attempt on young Malala Yusufzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl she was injured on her way home from school.  Oh Please.  I support this. Let’s show our support of educating females.


I went through some of my pictures and found these girls with books and these female educational supporting photos.

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It just wasn’t my story.

Everyone has their own story. Love is like Santa, if you don’t believe you won’t receive.


I have been re-blogging, my fingers off. I just keep reading these amazing blogs and thinking “I want to share that.” Some I did, while others I didn’t. Some are humors, some are inspiring, some are informative and some just are. My favorite have been really honest blogs, as of late.  You know the type where the author opens up and you glimpse into their life; for a moment you feel almost what it is like for them, just because of their words. I feel like it is a great time to share. Perhaps, I am relating to these blogs because I myself just need some therapeutic writing. I m not sure that you are going to get a load of that this evening but you will get a smidgen. (Smidgen, funny word.) I told my sister that I traded in my life for a pair of khaki pants and a red polo shirt. She went off and I just typed what she boldly told me. She love the words she stated, as I read them back she realized she is wise and clever. ( I’ll blog them later.) But my favorite part was a second thought she left me with at the end of her charming speech. “I didn’t say you could be unsure of it.” (It=Referring to the recent change in my life.) She is right. I am meant to be unsure, learn, and build confidence in the path I picked. I trust in the Lord’s hand to guide me as I make decisions and listen to the spirit.


Reminds me of the film the Restoration, it just seemed fitting for today’s blog.

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I love this blog.

Deep stuff.

How to enter Russia without a visa

I love this random, crazy adventure.

Wandering American

Before I arrived to Belarus I heard that there was no border between Belarus and Russia, which sparked an interest if it was possible to enter Russia without the tedious, expensive visa process that the Russian government makes tourists go through.
A little online research showed me that if I was caught in Russia without a visa that I wouldn’t be given a slap on the wrist and that illegal entry was taken seriously. The repercussions included jail time, extremely high fines, deportation back to the United States and a 5-10 year ban from entering Russia again.
After talking to some friends who had been to Russia and more internet research, I felt sure enough that if I were able to make it to Moscow, once in the city the chances of having my documents checked would be slim to none. On a side note, anyone with darker skin, or…

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New addition to my bucket list.

Everywhere Once

Around the turn of the 20th century Mormon settlers established 27 homesteads in the shadow of the Teton Mountain Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Today, six building clusters remain and are preserved as part of Grand Teton National Park’s “Mormon Row.”

Grand Teton National Park Mormon Row

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My Life in Zion

Today was a terrific day.

General Conference weekends are the only times during the year when I usually take my vacations. Disneyland? Never been. The beach? It’s just a sandy swim. But General Conference? Now that’s something worth taking time off from work! Why? Because it’s the time when we literally get to hear the voice of the Lord through His chosen servants. And to me, nothing deserves greater preparation and respect. So when folks ask me what my favorite holiday usually is I skip right over the traditional Christmas and 4th of July answers; I always say General Conference.

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you would count down the days until Christmas? Once Halloween was over there was just that pesky month of November and the infamous Turkey Day that stood between you, Santa, and a boatload of new toys. In school we would sing…

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I just love this Organization. Good luck!

Mentors International blog

I am a new face at Mentors International, Susan Gray, and so grateful to be here. As the new marketing and communications director for Mentors International, I will be the new writer for our blog. I hope to update at least weekly on all the activities within Mentors and, more importantly, I hope to learn along with you the great stories and achievements of the people that we help.

In just my third week at Mentors I had the amazing privilege to travel to Guatemala with 16 others to meet some of our clients (impoverished entrepreneurs who receive our loans). I hope to post here some of my experiences, feelings and photos of the people that we met. I also hope to tell you about some of the incredible people on our board, donors and volunteers who believe in our cause.

My first encounter with some of the people…

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Fallin in love with fall

Fallin’ in love with fall

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