How to enter Russia without a visa

I love this random, crazy adventure.

Wandering American

Before I arrived to Belarus I heard that there was no border between Belarus and Russia, which sparked an interest if it was possible to enter Russia without the tedious, expensive visa process that the Russian government makes tourists go through.
A little online research showed me that if I was caught in Russia without a visa that I wouldn’t be given a slap on the wrist and that illegal entry was taken seriously. The repercussions included jail time, extremely high fines, deportation back to the United States and a 5-10 year ban from entering Russia again.
After talking to some friends who had been to Russia and more internet research, I felt sure enough that if I were able to make it to Moscow, once in the city the chances of having my documents checked would be slim to none. On a side note, anyone with darker skin, or…

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