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Eat, Drink, Sleep....Media!!

At the Hari Krishna Temple in Utah. Many gathered for the anual color fest a festival that rings in spring. Bright colored chalk is thrown into the air.


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Goal #2

To find peacefulness within myself by looking inward while using my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue knowledge, creating balance among all of my obligations.


In the bag

I love these bags! (And this blog!)

I love, I need

From top: Latitudes Messenger $38, Locked Away Bag $54, Cosmopolitan Bag $38

From top: The Last Straw Clutch $34, Buckle Up Bag $38,  Warhol Bag $38

Why did I not know about Francesca’s Collections before this moment? Their dresses, skirts and tops are adorable but these  bags are really tugging at my heartstrings.  They’re just so springy/affordable/fashionable/insert your own positive adjective here. I’d be happy to have one (read: 10) of these hanging in my closet.

Thank you Glamour, for bringing this into my life. In case you missed it, all of my posts this week are lifted straight from their April issue.


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Goal #1

To inspire others. People shine when they believe they can make a lasting impact, this may be the core of everything we do.


accidental vegetarian

The last 4 and 1/2 days I’ve been accidental vegetarian. (After the best steak of my life.) I am not sure how it happened or why. When I got to the forth day I decided to just keep going with it as I realized that I hadn’t eaten any meat.
What I found out: I like it. Yet I am a super grump. I felt hunger after a few hours and couldn’t wait until the next meal. My body ate the kindness section of me first.
The poor people I work with have suffered the most. Stuff I normally would let slide, I called them out on. (Even in front of others….bad news.) Oh well, I guess it was good to take care of business. One person thanked me for my crazy.
It ended when I came in and there was yummy dinner ready for me. I guess that I am going to be a carnivore for a little while longer.

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This New Fashion Blog I am Loving…

This girl is sassy and fun and I am loving her style. Check it out at:



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A Day with Jen

My Friend Jen’s dad came into town and she ask me to go with her to Salt Lake City to pick him up from the airport. She hasn’t seen him in nearly a year, so she was excited. We spent the day together and we made a few random video clips that day to remember the day.One where I asked Jen if she needed a funny man: Jen Needs a Funny Man and a really sweet one of her waiting for her dad:I don’t want to miss the big moment (I did miss it though.) We picked him up at the Salt Lake International Airport. The entire time I was jones’n’ to buy a ticket to anywhere and take off. I kept joking about it. Jen said she’d have joined me had it not been for the fact her dad was coming into town. We watched people and waited.We asked”Where you going?” as I wished it was me.

Her dad arrived and he took us to a fancy dinner on the town. My long time favorite, Little America Coffee House. I stuffed my face. And we took the tram to Temple Square and went to The Church of Jesus Christ of -Latter day Saints art history Museum. It was super cool and I had never been. I learned several things.  I thought I’d share them here with a few of our photos.

Here is one of our only picture that has one of us in it. Here I am conference talkin' at the podium. 

Sister Clark addressing the Conference Center.

One of my favorite things is all printed languages of the Book of Mormon. I know this picture is low quality but this is so impressive to me, the amounts of languages this book is printed in. Knowledge is power. The amount of translation that goes on in order for each to know for himself (or herself) about this book. Impressive.

A Painting of President Hinckely.

These are gifts that people all over the world gave President Hinckely. (I have that matryoshka doll set, hence the picture of such random things.)

Temple Square

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5 Hair Styles I am Loving…

Lots of Hair and a bandanna! I have both, I could do that tomorrow. Simply let hair fall as it may and wear a bandanna.

5 hairstyles I love…More>


5 Hair Styles I am Loving…

High buns are so chic and classy. I am loving them, just be a little bolder and wear it on the top of your head. (for a fuller bun use a sock bun style.) Love it.

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5 Hair Styles I am Loving…

Very Pippi. Two braids easy-peasy but so cute.

5 Hair Styles I am Loving….More>