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Take me out to the ball game…

Ana Laura and Mahonri came to spend a week with me from Brazil. I was afraid that they would be bored out of their minds yet we found some fun things to do. I won a couple of tickets to UVU’s first Baseball game so we went. I don’t know too much about baseball so luckily, Ryan Edward Kent explained it in Portuguese for them.
This last clip is great! Don’t miss out on this funny one.


My Week with my Brazilian Friends #1

We went to The Bean Museum at BYU to look at the animals.

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Plus one

I was asked to be someone’s “plus one” this week, and I have never been more honored, proud, or excited.
My sister is graduating with service honors and it was her luncheon for this. There were quite a few other friends of my who received this award. I am so proud they choose to do this. I wish I were more like them. They are all strong determined girls that will go far and will give back, and that’s cool.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not.” Dr. Seuss

Here are their cute videos of them picking up the awards, my favorite part is the narration in the background is their self-refection. They are amazing ladies.

UVU Service Student Award

Announcing the Service Grads.

Tori’s Award

Lindsay’s Award

Andrea’s Award

Krystal’s Award

And lastly The way Karli will remember the day

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Powerful and important blog post. You covered this topic with great skill. I loved you personal remarks at the end.

My Life in Zion

Last night was a unique night in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Every seat was taken in Room 445 on the second floor of the Martin Building (the MARB) on Brigham Young University’s campus in Provo, Utah. As 7PM approached there was standing room only as people pressed in to hear four young Latter-day Saints openly discuss their faith and their sexuality.

The occasion? A panel and open forum hosted by the Department of Sociology to discuss homosexuality within the Church. Renata Forste, chairwoman of the sociology department, began the evening by introducing the four students who would be sharing their experiences with Same Gender Attraction. She explained to the crowded lecture hall how all students and faculty have signed the Honor Code and agreed to abide by it. “These students, like any other students, are living within the standards of the Honor Code,” she said…

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Cool China Conference

I am not sure how your life goes but mine is the type that at times I stumble onto a Cool China Conference and I embrace it. I usually learn quite a bit and enjoy it even more.
It all happened like this: I was going to go see Hiliary Weeks talk about the power of our thoughts (For more on this Click here, so awesome!) and I did, but I told my sisters to give me a ride and that I would just walk home.
Instead of walking home I went to the library where I stumbled across what seemed to be a conference about Mormonism and I listened in on it for a good 15 minutes and then went searching for the China Conference. It was really cool and I learned more about one of the countries I love. The best surprise is that the band Matteo ( blogged about Matteo before, get a free song)  was there to preform. So I had to stay and listen to them. Here is a really poor video of them, my fault not theirs.