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We are suppose to miss them.

Yesterday, Monday 28 of May 2012 was Memorial Day. My little sister and I rode our bikes out to the little cemetery.  It was a short ride that seemed to take me back to my childhood. We talked a long the road. On our ride home, Karli saw a cemetery off the side of the freeway and she said “Who is having a party?” she answered her own question saying,”Opp, not a party a cemetery.” Along our bike ride we said we were headed to the party. We arrived and went straight to the third row more than half way in. We got off our bikes and stared.

We are suppose to miss them.

My dad and step mom showed up with little Suki. We spent our time, mainly in silence. We spoke a bit.

I noticed that a young family showed up. I watched them out the corner of my eye.  Karli and I walked around a bit as my dad and step mom went and spoke with the young family.

Eventually, we wandered over and I was a stunned by the question poses to me. The father of this young family asked, “Let me ask about a simple question, how do we get through these things?” I laughed and said, “Simple answer, oh wait there isn’t one.”  My dad went off profoundly. He is the best when it comes to these these types of conversations. I told the father of this little family that as he needs to talk to someone reach out to my dad and he would help him. He said he already had and that my Dad had helped him through so much. “It is those who have been through similar who have helped us so much.”

Turning to me, Karli, and LaRea, again, he asked, “What would you say though, does it get better with time or does it always hurt?” We all paused LaRea said, “Both.” It is so true.

I spoke up. “We are suppose to miss them.”

We have lost and we are suppose to miss them. We are suppose to be sad. We are always going to wonder what if. We are suppose to think about the things we would have done with them. We are suppose to wish they were here. We are suppose to look on their short life and think it wasn’t long enough.  We are suppose to miss them.  In missing the ones we have lost, we appreciate those who are with us. We appreciate the memories we have. We gain experience. We gain a greater perspective and understanding. Yes, we loose some understanding and come up with more questions. Our reactions, are what defines us.

We are suppose to miss them. I don’t know much but this I do.


Host Saturday Night Live.

Host Saturday Night Live

Marriage in the temple

Find and woo an incredible RM

Vacation in Tahiti

Hike more

Surfing in Hawaii

Week long backpacking trip

Go to Oregon/ Washington and see the coast

Build dream home or remodel my dream apartment

Have 4-wheelers that I use in near by mountains

Fall in love again and again

Do stand-up comedy

Ride a gondola inVenice

Bowl a strike and get a turkey

Join a bowling league

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go paragliding

Go tandem sky diving

Get a sky diving license

Go on a helicopter ride

Fly in an open-cockpit airplane (like the planes built during WWII).

Go hiking in the rain forest in Brazil after backpacking South America

Participate in The Rickshaw Run

India by train

Go On a Cross-country road trip

Go Rock Climbing on that same rock feature in the Citi Bank commercial

Eat at the Korean taco stand

Visit Irelandand the cliffs from Leap Year

White water rafting down the river in that scary Kevin Bacon movie

Go kayaking

Sailing on the ocean

Helicopter ride


Become successful

Live comfortably

Travel always

Visit all the national parks in the United States

Do something crazy on New Year’s eve in Amsterdam

Successfully learn to meditate

Become an “early riser”

Live within my means: never go into debt

Swim with dolphins

Write a book

Spent my 30 birthday in a yurt in Mongolia

Add more to this list….

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Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse, last night, twice. I dreamed about a major zombie apocalypse last night. It was crazy. I was a boy too. So, that this kind of weird. I was in high school, not mine. I guess I wasn’t me. Yet, this was the biggest zombie apocalypse. I shoved my little sister in a locker to protect her from the zombies. (To be truthful, I know it didn’t because later she was attacking me.) I was running and running. They were coming from everywhere. I ran into the gymnasium and I created a polely system hooked them up to the basket ball hoop and lifted myself up onto the hoop and pulled the rope up. I thought it was a good idea. I did it twice in the dream. In fact even this morning I thought that is what I will do if I ever in that situation. Until I realized that I I would have to stay there until I starved to death. Now. I am not sure what to do in the real one. Any ideas?

These are great tips for travel. Really great to know, Thanks!

Everywhere Once

When you live an unconventional life you realize quickly that the world isn’t designed to meet your specific needs. From the silly (30 day limits on credit card travel notifications) to the serious (difficulty obtaining health insurance without a fixed address), a range of inconveniences go hand-in-hand with going your own way. Even internet travel resources, as great and as liberating as they are, are built to answer questions different from the ones we need answered.

Sites like Expedia and others are great for pricing airfare on a specific itinerary. If you know the where and the when of your travel, the internet is awesome at aggregating flight options. But what if where and when are secondary considerations to price? The internet is less helpful in answering the question we’re currently asking: what is the best travel deal for a winter flight to a warm weather destination anywhere in the…

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Rally Cappin’

I am so into baseball as of lately. ( As if my true followers didn’t pick up on that…How could you not?) I have never claimed to be competitive or sports-y. (In fact it has always been the opposite.) One time I did give a training on basketball and 3pt. shots in the MTC. It was great, not because of me. It was the perfect way to tie diligence in the gospel and on the mission with parable of sorts. (And this parable was the type that 19 year old boys were bound to pay attention to.) I owe that one up to some amazing inspiration.

It started out similar to this post. I never was athletic. I have never shot a 3pt. shot. Here in the MTC we don’t have very many options when it comes to work out time. Basketball or volleyball. To put it simply I hate volleyball. There are only three things I hate in life: Terrorism, Hatred, and Volleyball. I know that doesn’t even make sense but it is true. So I resorted to playing basketball. After playing one game with the Elders I decided I would shoot on my own for a bit.  Day after day, shooting and shooting, slightly changing my footing and slowly altering my technique (or lack of). I would spend most of the time chasing the ball.  Everyday I shot though. One day from the sidelines in heavy accented English I heard, “Sister you got three points!” “What did he say?” I thought as I chased after the ball again. I figured he was talking about me and my shooting. By the time I put it together I didn’t believe it was real. I kept shooting and then I realized I had been shooting from the 3pt. line and making it for some time now.  I wasn’t sure how long I had been doing this, heck I wasn’t sure this was even possible. Everything is similar if we use diligence.  (Learning a language, progressing in the gospel, changing habits etc. They all take will power and diligence. Don’t even get me started on will power today….save that for later. <3) At this time we all were stumbling through a language so I said that as we study, practice and use the language, one day we’ll hear from the sidelines shouting “Sister you’re doing it you are speaking Portuguese!” and we’ll realize “Hey I have been doing this for some time now.”  OR we’ll be teaching and we’ll hear from the sidelines “Elders, you are teaching that lesson nicely with the perfect amount of spirit” and we’ll realize “yeah, I have been doing that for sometime.” That is how diligence works. (With less commentary from the sidelines though.)

Enough about that lesson, I have never been athletic. Yet, last night I sent this text: “Bases loaded, 4pt. lead, 2 outs, Goose up to bat”  and I meant it. I was feeling the rush, the nervous energy, the excitement, the feeling that I belonged to something great. I learned what it meant to rally cap. I twisted my hair nervously, I shouted. This was it.

Rally capping didn’t help my team last night. But is taught me that we need to be rally capping for each other, showing our support. When you are down and out here’s my rally cap to you, random reader:  You can do it! I believe you can win, I know the pressure is a little bit heavy right now. Come win or loose I am here.  And tying for the fourth-longest winning streak in the record of the NCAA book, along with the 1972 Arizona State and 1988 Fresno State teams with 32 wins, I am here after that 33 game when the glory fades.  ( Okay that last one was less applicable to the random reader and more for a certain team.) Seriously, I get it now. Who is this girls staying up late thinking about sports? It ‘s me. I am not sure how long this will last but I will be rally capping for you reader.

The origin of Rally caps

The Origin of Rally Caps
Mets Rally Caps – Tim Teufel, Howard Johnson, Bobby Ojeda and Ron Darling

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Just missing this little one

suki running in wild flowers (spring)

suki running in wild flowers (spring)

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5 Outfits I am diggin’

bike, castle, hat, and dress

bike, castle, hat, and dress

 I wish it were me next to that bike. To wear a belt up like that around a cardigan with a cute little dress and two tone flats and ride a bike all day. Oh!

5 Outfits I am diggin’ –>

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5 Outfits I am Diggin’

coral outfit

coral outfit

Coral!!! I am diggin’ this color right now. (So is everyone else… but that is okay.)  Coal ,tangerine, messy bun and the heels. Where is she going? #wishiwerethere and #wishiworethat  It looks like the back ground in The Borne Identity with those high rise apartments. I love the color blocking. 

5 Outfits I am Diggin’ –>

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5 Outfits I am Diggin’

Fedora, blazer and jeans

Fedora, blazer and jeans

This one is awesome!! She is on the go like the outfits. Skinny capris, supper cute flats, dangle earrings, big blue purse, blue collared shirt, blazer, and yes the fedora. My sister was rocking one today, a fedora.

5 Outfits I am Diggin’ –>

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5 Outfits I am Diggin’

This striped shirt and skirt!!

Stripes and this skirt!!

Stripes and this skirt!!

Paired up with these laced gladiator sandals and aviator glasses and this loose french braid and a belt, this skirt  and awesome stripped shirt are awesome. Speaking of french braid, is she in France, Spain, Argentina maybe?  I would wear this in France. Heck I would wear this anywhere. A first date maybe… Where could I not wear this? Okay there bight not be some place I couldn’t but so many places where I could!! Please I need to dress like this.

 5 Outfits I am Diggin’ –>

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